iPhone 4 Case

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iPhone 4 Case


*Compliant with radiofrequency norms
*Ultra slim ergonomic case providing extra protection and portability
*Notch at the top for easy access
*Soft protective Microfibre lining allowing phone to slide in and out

Media Musings Blog Archive Collins decision highlights need for tolerance On the 29th of April Jason Collins became the first gay active NBA player after his announcement in the lead up to Sports Illustrated May 6th edition headlined him as Gay Athlete.

By no means has the dust settled surrounding Collins choice to come out publicly but we can already see the polarising affect this event has had within the media. President Barack Obama telephone call was one of many showing of support to Collins with a list of NBA players including Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade as well celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres also commending him for his bravery. According to a Washington Post ABC news poll 68 percent of Americans were for Collins decision to come out, so the majority. But the diversity of analysis on this issue within the media has shown that an answers Pierce question, how the the NBA centre will be perceived, is more complex than simply louis vuitton shoes price dubai a debate on whether he will be shunned or applauded. Opinions levied by internet commentator and fellow homosexual vintage louis vuitton agenda Bret Easton Ellis articulated that the widespread support for Collins highlights a new form of condescension towards LGBT community in which the to embrace and console every gay man is infantilizing. size 13 louis vuitton shoes the support given to Collins does highlight a progression in acceptance towards the gay community, one which through offers hope for improved tolerance towards gay athletes in sport, more steps must be taken before there is true secular equality is achieved.

Alternative criticisms surrounding voicing of support for Collins came from Congressmen Steve King who claims that American values were being undermined by the President actions to commend an athlete for revealing their sexual orientation and not similarly praising NFL player Tim Tebow for his open expressions of christianity on the football field. Support for Collins can be made but should not undermine the rights of louis vuitton epi bracelet others to have their own opinions the idea was brought to light in the media when ESPN president John Skipper said Journalists Chris Brousard comments broadcasting his belief that Collins homosexuality was an opposition to biblical scriptures were a mistake. Collin decision has already influenced the progression of societies opinions towards equal representation in regards to sexuality this is undeniable but it one which must continue to allow the diversity of opinion if the true tolerance which Collins desires is to be achieved.

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