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Sharleen PM


*Natural cowhide leather trimmings
*Wide opening for easy access
*Interior zipped and smartphone pockets
*D-ring for keys and accessories
*Soft Microfiber lining
*Monogram Multicolore is a creation of Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

Media Musings Blog Archive Capturing Justice Cameras louis vuitton shoes wedding in Australian courtrooms are currently about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. Under law, cameras are only permitted in Australian court rooms when a special application is submitted to the judge prior to the case. This almost never happens but could all this be changing? This law is part of a conservative British tradition that permits open courts but disallows publication or broadcast of images captured inside. Yet the Queen in a recent speech to the House of Lords announced the government legislative plans to create a bill that louis vuitton attache briefcase provisionally lifts the ban on cameras in court. The question being posed in Australia is; should we be following suit? Now, I love a good courtroom drama. I dabble with the Good Wife, dip my toe into Boston Legal but my shameful secret addiction is the acid tongued trash that isJudge Judy. (See some classic Judyisms here) Is this where the Australian Courts are headed? Courtesy of David Shankbone Trashy entertainment at its voyeuristic best. louis vuitton shoes handmade But what happens when we take it beyond that? For example Cable news channel HLN in the US louis vuitton shoes nike that singularly broadcasts live court proceedings coupled with vitriolic commentary. The murder trial of Casey Anthony absolutely smashed in the ratings. Anyone who had a care to watch a young mother put on trial for murder, could become an honorary jury member, albeit one without a vote. Theoretically I take no issue with this. As a journalist I believe that we need an open justice system that provides transparency to the public. On the the other hand, Nancy Grace who covered the trial, used the frenzy of public interest to promote her own obscenely biased opinions. Subsequently throwing the fundamental legal principle of until proven guilty straight out the window. This specific case almost acts as the entire argument against cameras in courts and this seems a complete shame to me. The legal system is crazily complex and cameras in court rooms could potentially help people to understand its ins and outs. As well as swing peoples focus onto the reasons for decisions as opposed to the verdict itself. Ultimately, my reservations don lie with the broadcasting of court proceedings but rather with the potential for the media to sully the sanctity of the courtroom. The societal phenomenon of trial by media and the role this concession would play is also something that needs to be assessed.

Ultimately the decisions made in courts need to be respected. Courtrooms need to be preserved from showboating. But done right, allowing cameras in the courtroom could open the doors and allow the public access to a new level of understanding.

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