Neverfull GM

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Neverfull GM
Neverfull GM
Neverfull GM


* Eye-catching striped interior with textile lining
* Large interior zipped pocket which can fit a long wallet
* Interior D-ring for keys or an accessory
* Metallic pieces in shiny golden brass
* Leather trimmings
* Large capacity

Media Musings Blog Archive Hash and rehashed until we overdose Has the media done this to us? Tempted us, made us hungry for all information and turned us into chew it up spit it out gluttons who end up not even caring about the story in the end? Schapelle Corby is back in the news again.

We've got more talking to do, it seems. Remember 2004? It seems like forever ago. That was the year Corby was caught with hash in her boogie board bag in Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali. In 2005 she was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Since then we have been privy, through ceaseless media coverage, to Corby's 2006 appeal, her 2008 rejected appeal, louis vuitton wrap bracelet her 2010 clemency appeal on humanitarian grounds, and now, the decision louis vuitton neverfull tamanho m by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to wipe five years off her sentence. We all want to go home from the Schapelle circus, screen shot courtesy Sky News 2012 The media's job involves reporting on changes in stories, and they are doing just that. All good. But just wait for the unnecessary, 'overkill' stories to come spilling out again now Schapelle is back on the media's radar. Oh, no need to wait! Here's a hash cookie for you to nibble on while the Schapelle batch gets another baking: This morning, an article about fake louis vuitton bags yahoo her lover on the inside, Ben louis vuitton neverfull i sverige Panangian emerged.

That's nice. A human interest story! But it's safe to say that most of us have overdosed on all things Schapelle and have little interest left. The media needs to know when to move on to ensure its followers don't overdose on a potentially significant story and move on.

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