Cigarette Case

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Cigarette Case
Cigarette Case


* Damier canvas and cross grain leather
* Flap closure
The flap of this cigarette case in Damier canvas slips securely into the base to create an elegant holder that protects your cigarettes.

Media Musings Blog Archive A pleasant illusion is better than a harsh reality For these citizen journalists, the internet has given them an outlet where they are allowed to freely report their news without yielding to the censorship laws or perhaps even the harsh punishment the government could execute on them, had they reported it locally.

from around the world have learned what happens here through this distinct medium Bilal louis vuitton bracelet how much Tamimi, an activist who also brandishes a camera to capture these events. But with the open thread of the internet, essentially anyone can say that they are a reporter. Armed with a cheap camera phone in the midst louis vuitton purses amazon of a sudden attack and you could be the next media sensation. However, there are a few who goes the extra mile to collect and record materials that our local mediaconsiders too which eventually gets called out for disregarding media ethics. Burial Ceremony in Syria has become a daily event. Image Courtesy of FreedomHouse But really, who are we to deem what too graphic? Shouldn we at least be happy that these people, professional or amateurs, are providing us the raw and transparent view of these global events that many reporters rather shy away from in fear of their wellbeing, however jarring they may be. Sure, ethically we bound to distrust any videos taken with the hands of some budding young journalist in a country that we have no assurance of. But to be handed words and regulated images that paint a pleasant illusion of the harsh reality, we might as well be sitting at home by our computers louis vuitton small agenda refill 2014 watching cat videos all day long. Though, maybe we asking too much from them. But if these people are willing to risk their lives to share their perspective of the revolution with us, then who are we, in our cushy jobs and lives, to ignore it under the pretence of ethics journalism expects to have any future beyond the depths of the internet, maybe it time that it accepts the fact that raw truth is better than the semblance of the truth. It hard to say. Many people already feel pessimistic without having to worry about Syria or another important news event abroad. Perhaps its the reason why affairs programming is so popular, all people have to worry about is whether they can save a few dollars next time they grocery shop or the latest diet fad.

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