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*100% UV protection
*Stainless steel frame with plastic end tips
*LV logo engraved on the hinges
*Damier details on the nose pads and end tips
*LV logo engraved on the lens
The timeless aviator shape is g...

life news stories Real Life Stories CancerYoung mum tragically widowed weeks after her baby twins were born is now battling cancer Amy Savage's partner Dwayne took his life shortly after the birth of their sons Social servicesParents plea for help for 18 month old son who weighs five stone and is gaining 2 kilos a month Yagiz Bekte's dad believes his son soon won't be able to "walk, run or even breathe" Nazis'Of the 300 who left, 20 returned': Chilling lost letter reveals how Jewish family who fled Nazis were gassed Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg grew up in Britain aware of his family's tragic past but did not know details until he discovered an old suitcase of letters which shed light on the unspeakable horror of the Nazis.

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