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* Epi leather discreetly embossed with the LV initials and microfiber lining
* Silvery brass pieces
* Zipper closure
* Three inside compartments including a central zipped pocket
* Hand-held with smooth leather handles

Kamal Haasan backs Panneerselvam Actor Kamal Haasan has been tweeting in mysterious language as to what's unravelling in Tamil Nadu, especially the battle between VK Sasikala louis vuitton purses uk prices and O Panneerselvam.

In an exclusive interview to India Today, Haasan explained the mystery behind his tweets and his real message. Don't breakTN in2 a country. Let's stop blaming them Lets become incorruptable. The actor said that O Panneerselvam is competent enough to lead Tamil Nadu and Sasikala, in a sense, should back off from confrontation. In his interview, Haasan agreed that Sasikala's proximity to Jayalalithaa is no reason for her to become the chief minister and she should back off and let the people decide. "Time of dice playing was done with in Mahabharat. We can't be playing dice and hawking our family wives and lives, in favour of some numbers [Sasikala's MLA support]. We don't trade. We are the people," said Haasan. On Sasikala imposing her will "Even I cannot impose my will. I can speak what I think, but can't impose. I may be proven wrong, but I must speak. Tamil Nadu has not had the best of service from politicians for more than 60 years. they all became complacent. Then came Dravidian parties. Those promises were also not kept," said Haasan. 10 statements from his interview 1. "I am being careful in what I am going to say so that it does not get embroiled with the violent forces that have now been in politics for quite some time. I am trying to be equi poised and I am not going to show any of my anger which may lead to violence. That's why the mystery." 2. "My anger has to come to a point of exasperation after years. I remember these broken promises for more than 40 years now. I am not blaming one party. It's high time people (of Tamil Nadu) realise their responsibilities and come forward and say 'You told us what democracy means, but we get to call the shots. We louis vuitton neverfull gm fake are not getting it. We don't need leaders. We are not sheep. We don't need to be led. We want people who work for the nation just like who we are'." 3. "I am not going to jump into the so called bandwagon of Panneerselvam. The last conversation I had with him was during the jallikattu [row], where I told him he should go to the people. We'll have to realise how the state can be run." 4. On his political aspirations "I stain my finger with a dot when I vote. That's how far am willing for the stain to spread, not anymore. I am political. I make my statement. I have political ideologies. I settle for what could be good for the people because they have the mandate to choose their leader. I am one of louis vuitton agenda ebay them. I don't want my way all the way." 5. Let's not pinppoint a lady." 7. "Mr Panneerselvam is not a friend or a foe. He's a tool to execute my democratic will. It doesn't matter, we'll find another tool much sharper than him, if need be. That's the direction we louis vuitton neverfull xl should take. In the name of equipoise, we can't get blunter and blunter tools so that we go back to Stone Age." 8. "I have reservations about both of them [Panneerselvam and Sasikala]. But right now this guy has proven his mettle and is OK, and we'll throw him out of his office if we feel he is incompetent again. That's the will of people." 10. Let's not get topical. O Panneerselvam or VK Sasikala.

There's no throne. We have stomped on a crown before. They are making demigods of themselves.

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