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*Smooth leather trimmings and key bell
*Optional shoulder strap
*Iconic Toron handles
*Zipped closure with padlock
*Interior phone and patch pockets
*Soft Microfibre lining
*Protective bottom studs

Record reporter tells of hell of accompanying vulnerable relative through heartless PiP assessments Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid louis vuitton koala agenda rose EmailWE KNEW the day was coming.

It had loomed over us from the moment austerity measures were announced.We knew that one day she'd be called louis vuitton neverfull hot stamping in to explain why she needs help. There was no point trying to explain to my relative what this could possibly mean to her. She doesn't understand, anyway.Despite the stories, we still had some faith the system couldn't be as heartless, cruel and faceless as we were led to believe.She's from a generation who worked louis vuitton shoes glitter hard, paid their taxes faithfully and if they needed help, the Government provided it.'To be devalued for the sake of a benefit isn't acceptable': Mum of one Lorraine Cameron set up support group after attending benefits testShe can barely walk, has a severe lung disease, lives in a world of constant pain. Latterly, death after death after death has left her suffering from severe depression. But then he died. And she was thrown into a world that was as cruel as it was alien.She was penalised for the small pension he left. louis vuitton vernis alma wallet The money she received from the DWP barely covered the bills but it was manageable.She doesn't live a life of luxury. She lives in sheltered housing with an alarm system she pays for, has a mobility scooter that gets her to the local shop for bread and milk, to the doctor's or to visit her husband's grave.That's it. The extent of her "havin' a party on benefits" lifestyle.Then, when she was ill and staying with a relative, the DWP turned up unexpectedly at her house to assess her for the new PIP payment.'I'm an ex DWP officer and I used to be offered bonuses for declaring disabled clients fit for work'She wasn't there and with lightning speed they told her the paltry amount she received was being taken away. Along with the one thing she considers her lifeline to the outside world. Her scooter.When I contacted the DWP, there was a sympathetic ear on the other end of the phone who agreed the decision had been somewhat rash but her hands were tied. The only other thing we could do was appeal and wait.A letter came ordering my relative to attend for an assessment with a "health professional".It's in a building in the centre of a busy town. My first thought was: "How do sick and disabled people manage to get here?"There's limited parking and the street outside is awash with "no stopping" red lines and parking attendants ready to pounce.The smiley receptionist seemed warm and comforting. Lulling you into a false sense of security.The tension was palpable. My relative was nervous and on the verge of tears. The cheery disposition of thereceptionist was grating on my nerves.

I looked around and what I saw made my heart sink.An elderly woman, with a hunched back and a twisted neck, using a zimmer frame to walk.An elderly man whose face said it all the nerves, the fear, the shame of being there to explain to a stranger about your illness, your life and why you need help.

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