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* Patent leather trim
* Golden brass frame
* Iconic Toron handles for hand carry
* Wide, gusseted opening
* Central interior zipped pocket and two flat pockets
* Magnetie leather flap to secure belongings
* Soft textile lining

Judges won't seek pay increase for two years but a Judges will not seek to up their annual salary of about $231,000 because of the current economic climate, Judge Robert Higinbotham told The Daily News Thursday.

"We felt it would be inappropriate to ask for an increase while everyone else who is paid from the public purse is not getting one for two years," the judge said. Law Society and the Canadian Bar Association will make submissions.Higinbotham said his group will propose an increase to judicial salaries in three years when it appears before the commission. Judges' salaries are reviewed in Canada every three years. judges salaries pegged at 90 per cent of what federally appointed judges make. If that recommendation is accepted, provincial court judges could see wages rise to $260,000 or more by 2013. Supreme Court judges, to keep provincial court judges from leaving in search of better paid jobs in the higher court."While we make a lot of money, we need to be closer to the (superior court) salaries. We want to make it attractive enough that people will be content and happy and stay here," Higinbotham said.The judges will also ask louis vuitton purses handbags price for two weeks more annual vacation on top of the six weeks they already receive, as well as improvements to pension plan contributions. So far, they have not been successful and he is not sure they will succeed this time around either.A previous commission agreed with the concept of reducing the wage gap between the courts but said the reality of it would prove too expensive for government, he added.Regardless, those arguments advanced at past commissions here as well as before judicial pay commissions in other provinces have had significant impact and raised judges' salaries across Canada. judges) have had substantial, if not louis vuitton shoes red spectacular, raises in salary over the last decade," Sundhu said. made $118,00."It starts to looks at some point and I would say we crossed it when judges salaries passed $200,000 that it is unreasonable, excessive or disproportionate, given the incomes of Canadians, which have generally stagnated over the past decade or two."Sundhu said rising judicial wages are more questionable in light of an apparent shortage of resources, particularly funding for legal aid. are pegged to judicial wages, meaning prosecutors' salaries will also rise if judges' pay goes up."If it's a question 2 chainz louis vuitton shoes of limited resources, maybe some (money) should be lopped off from the judges and the Crown and given to the poor and legal aid," he said."Judges are making $231,000 and seeking to make more.

It just seems to me it starts to be a bit too much. Where is this all going?The commission will louis vuitton shoes price dubai prepare a report and make recommendations to the government, likely later this year.

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