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* Monogram Vernis, lining-Golden brass pieces
* Integral closure by double zipper
* Two inside patch pockets and a cell phone compartment
* Hand held or carried on the shoulder
* A padlock provides extra security for the closure of the bag
* Removable key bell<...

lots of questions at City's first budget session The first public budget meeting to tackle a particular City department drew an encouraging turnout, but the proof will be in whether that's sustained through the next two sessions.

Mayor Peter Milobar said Tuesday night the turnout was the best that the City public budget meetings have had in several years. "It's larger than I thought," he said. While the total headcount in the room numbered more than 100, City staff said their tally showed 71 residents. The rest were staff and media. The focus for the evening was on City parks, culture and recreation. Director Byron McCorkell mapped out the main numbers he's dealing with for 2012. His department, which handles cemeteries, parks, sports facilities, pools and playfields, costs an average household in Kamloops $261.84 per year. His fiscal challenges include increasing hydro costs, a decrease in cemetery revenue, declining concerts at Interior louis vuitton purses speedy 35 Savings Centre, impacts of user fees and aging pools. He faced questions from people at the meeting about improved washrooms at the Boys and Girls Club, the budget consultation process itself, user fees, concerns about City staff wage increases, parking problems at the Tournament Capital Centre, trees for planting programs not being bought locally and garbage left behind in Riverside Park after Wakefest. The first question of the evening came from a young girl, who said she goes to the Boys and Girls Club and really appreciates it. Her mother asked about the bathroom and kitchen getting upgrades. McCorkell said it's in the supplementary budget that council will be wrestling with next month. The building is aging, so the improvements are estimated at louis vuitton amazon tasche about $80,000. Kamloops Voters Society member Frank Dwyer spoke twice during the meeting, both times suggesting the public needs to be included before any decisions are made about any of the budget items. As it is, City staff compile a budget of their must have basics. The supplemental items that council votes on are add ons. Dwyer said the City of Calgary started the process early and got 23,000 residents involved in the budget. Later in the meeting, he raise concerns about accessing a screen for a photography class he teaches through the City, and about user fees and a sound system at Heritage House. McCorkell said the City doesn't usually rent out screens, but that he would talk to staff about the situation.

Heritage House is getting the sound system, he said. And user fees are a concern to him, too, but he's following a louis vuitton neverfull amazon decision council made in 2008 to recoup 50 per cent of operating costs of facilities louis vuitton shoes on sale online.

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