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* Rounded handles for comfortable hand carry
* One interior flat pocket
* One interior phone pocket
* Double zip opening for easy access
* Gold padlock
Effortlessly stylish, the Alma is one of our iconic ...

RIH staff need to be on same page with MRSA Re: "Hallway Care story hard to believe" (R.

Giles, letter to the editor, April 2). I do believe this letter to be true to a point. My friend was just louis vuitton date code authentication in the hospital due to surgery and she herself was subjected to the hall for the final two days of her stay. I think nurses at RIH also need to be louis vuitton bracelet monogram more aware and educated on protocols and procedures. And that everyone needs to be on the same page. When I had my first child at RIH via emergency C section, I somehow came into contact with louis vuitton shoes aliexpress the MRSA superbug (multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus) from the facility, got an infection in my C section and ended up back in the hospital. Upon my most recent stay, in January of 2011, for my second C section for the birth louis vuitton alma fuchsia of my second child, I was flagged because of my previous contact over three years before for the MRSA bug. One nurse in Labour and Delivery informed my husband that he was welcome to help himself to anything in the little kitchen to make me feel comfortable. Another nurse yelled at him for entering the kitchen because his wife has MRSA. Everyone at the nurses' counter was discussing my case, and my hubby overheard this. He politely went up to them and said that it was in this hospital that I had contacted the MRSA and that you need to have some policies in place so that everyone follows the same protocol. He said to them I will follow procedures, but one nurse is telling me one thing and another nurse is telling me another. It was during this stay I was also asked by one nurse to put in my own suppository because she didn't want to glove up and take precautions because of the possibility of contacting MRSA. On the same stay I had gone to visit my preemie in the NICU, and another nurse had bypassed the precautions sign on my door and had taken the breast pump out of my room and when I had returned it was gone. When I questioned my nurse about the missing breast pump she said, "I don't know where it went." I have no idea if the next nurse even cleaned it before passing it along to the next patient, therefore possibly exposing the next patient to MRSA. The MRSA superbug is everywhere. In fact, my mom is a nurse herself and she said she once knew of a student who had picked it up by falling and scraping her knee on the curb of a sidewalk.

Even your nurse could have it and you not even know it, because they have never been treated for it. Don't get me wrong, the nurses at RIH are exceptional and I have had wonderful care there on numerous occasions; I just would like to see everyone on the same page when it comes to procedures and protocols. MICHAELA HANEY Kamloops.

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