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Mirabeau PM
Mirabeau PM


* Iconic Toron handles
* Smooth Leather flap with engraved square twist lock
* Interior zipped and double flat pocket with D-ring
* Microfibre lining
* Protective bottom studs
The Mirabeau PM in Epi leat...

Media Musings Blog Archive Famous On Instagram "She chose looks, I chose books" chose being the imperative word, of course.

I love that saying. I use it to console the green eyed pang I feel every time I open a copy of VOGUE or RUSSH and am met with the lanky limbs of the latest jailbait model taking the (fashion) world by storm. The internet is no longer my safe place either if I look at another oh so fahhhbulous happy snap of a louis vuitton messenger bag amazon fresh out of high school paper thing blogger crossing the road, coffee and designer clutch in YSL ringed paw, I don know what I might do. Whilst Rumi Neely and managed to successfully escape theawkward teenage years of bad skin and braces in favour of galavanting around the globe catwalk side, I'll always have my university education and quick wit, right? Right?! Maybe not. Heck, you don need any type of training! What you do need is an iPhone, dexterity with the latest filter apps and a gaggle of good looking pals. Why on earth didn anyone tell me this before I got three years in to a media degree? The use of Instagram "ambassadors" definitely makes me feel one step closer to the notoriously hard to crack world of fashion. Trawling modelMontana Cox and trend forecaster (that's a job?)Yasmin Sewell photo diaries, I'm momentarily transported runway side, VIP style. Then my computer battery flashes and I rudely transported back for reality I'm on a five minute study break and need to finish writing that article that's due tomorrow. Whoops. Should I even bother though? At online channelPortable recent presentation of fashion blogging pioneer Susie Lau, of Style Bubble, the self made success gave some wry advice. Quoting the mother in HBO recent documentation of the humiliations and rare triumphs of girls in their early 20 that is GIRLS, she stated don you just you just get a job and start a blog, honey? Amen to that when I grow up I want to be famous on Instagram. A few technical points links should open in a new window, and make sure they are links take readers to a relevant page of a website rather than a homepage (because the homepage will change so whatever you are pointing to may not be there by the time your reader clicks on the link). Break up your pars to make the blog more reader friendly. green eyed monster; five minute study break). Overall a good post on a really interesting and evolving topic. I definitely agree with you here. With the rising trend of social media platforms and apps like Instagram and luxury sale zone louis vuitton bags Twitter, the role of professional photography and journalism has shifted to the idea that everyone and anyone can do it. Blogs have given people the power to be self appointed citizen journalists and while that is a good opportunity, it makes it harder to sift through the lot to figure out what trustworthy and what isn of course, that not to say that we should stick to traditional conventions and scream at new media. We should find a way to leverage the benefits and capabilities to our advantage. That way, we be a double threat! Degree PLUS famous Instagram ambassador/Twitter celebrity! Yay us! This was awesome and hilarious. I really liked your personal touch with the story. It was obvious you had insight into the topic. The topic itself is in that a) social media is becoming exceedingly important to get a job and b) you and your peers are studying communications degrees. So the whole writing for your louis vuitton purses in new york audience element was appropes Your links had me wanting to click on them, which shows they added something to your story and weren merely there because they had to be. 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