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* Embossed patent leather, natural cowhide trimmings and textile lining
* Golden brass metallic pieces
* Wide zippered opening with a press stud
* Large inside patch pocket
* External patch pocket
* Carried on the shoulder
* Adjustable natural cowhide handle...

restaurant in Norwich's Castle Mall gets go Babel Bar, Clapham Junction.

Picture: Google Street View Applicant Faucet Inn has been given the go ahead for the new bar/restaurant on The Terrace in louis vuitton bracelet bow the shopping complex but insisted the new venue is 'not a pub'. But ahead of today's meeting of Norwich City Council's licensing committee, the hours being sought were changed, with closing time at 12.30am and the premises licence up until midnight. Norfolk police had not objected to the proposal, but had proposed that after 11pm, the consumption of alcohol and soft drinks would not be allowed outside the main seating area of the building. So had Richard Divey, the city council's environmental protection officer and the applicants agreed to that condition. Tim Shield, solicitor for Faucett Inn, said of the new venue: "It's a very much food led concept. Food will be a very important part of the offer. Alcohol will be an important part of the offer and music will be a part of the offer." He said the music was likely to be recorded music in the main, although there could be occasions when the venue hosted DJs. He said the idea was that people would head there for food after work, or before or after a cinema visit. He stressed: "It is certainly not a pub. We are ready and we are looking to open later on this year." John Williams, chair of the Westlegate Residents Association, had written to the council asking that the licence be restricted to "significantly earlier" than 1am and had urged that "local residents are borne in mind when it comes to choosing the hours that music can be played". He told members of the how to tell if a louis vuitton briefcase is real licencing committee that he still had concerns. He louis vuitton agenda a5 said: "It's come down to whether its a restaurant with drinking and entertainment or whether its about drinking and music, with some food available." Councillors did agree to grant the licence. MooseyT20 The resturant and menu won't be the same as the "Babel" in the photo. It will be branded for this particular area. What would your idea of quality be? I too hope it will be good and I have no reason at present to believe it won't be, this is just the first revealed one but having said that, it has not even been officially unvieled yet, edp only saw it from the poster outside the construction site They wouldn't begin construction unless they were all but full, as it would not be viable. As I have ranted on here many times I would hope they would pay more attention to the rest of the mall and maintaining that to its original high standard throughout, all the seem to do is patch and patch and continue to water down LSI's or should I say Michael Innes Castle Mall design further instead of actually respecting and appreciating it and imaginatively enhancing that. especially the outside and the gardens which are in need of a refresh throughout. Overall there are many actions Castle Mall Management could take that would drasticly improve Castle Mall, I have talked about a whole host of them on the EDP before so I am not going to go over it again. Excellent news, Its going to make a great new addition to this prime location and mall. It would have been really odd look a like louis vuitton purses if the license had not been granted. Im a bit puzzeled at the Westlegate Residents Comments. They have bought a property at the heart of the city, they are not on the suburbs.

So they should not expect it to be quiet. People move here then expect everyone to follow their tune. Castle Mall has been here over 20+ years themseleves only 23 years, and there were resturants here before so no concern.

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