Pastilles Chains Key Ring

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Pastilles Chains Key Ring


* Enamel and zamack
* Enamel charms with the LV logo and Monogram flower motifs
* Ring and snap hook engraved with the Louis Vuitton signature
* Part of the Pastilles collection
The Pastilles collection is h...

Lakshmi Mittal's daughter wedding was a statement of wealth The couple, Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal, celebrate their engagement It was a wedding that would put Sooraj Barjatya's celluloid celebrations of Indian nuptials to shame.

There was no doubt that when the steel magnate promised his 23 year old daughter that her wedding would be how to spot a fake louis vuitton alma truly spectacular he meant every word of it. They were all there the rich and the powerful from across the globe, the Indian elite from Mumbai to Manhattan, the cream of Bollywood, designers, entertainers, mehndi artists, cooks. Designers Tarun Tahiliani, Suneet Varma and the Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla duo created the wedding outfits. louis vuitton shoes lock Choreographer Farah Khan taught the fine art of the jhatka while pop diva Kylie Minogue's numbers earned her 200,000 pound for her half an hour act. The ceremony kicked off with the sangeet at the exotic Jardin de Tuileries in front of the Louvre. Javed Akhtar scripted a play that was enacted by the Mittal family. The venue of the wedding, Vaux le Vicomte The engagement ceremony that followed the next day at the magnificent Palace of Versailles featured a French opera and Moulin Rouge style cancan dancing. Top mehndi artists specially flown in from India got busy even as Hindi songs blared from huge speakers. Over 35 craftsmen were flown in from Mumbai to erect a mandap on a pond in the sprawling gardens of the estate. Elephants made of fibre glass, minarets and a huge reception hall done up in pink were also put up. Vanisha's brother escorts her for the main ceremony A lotus was designed in the pond and petals of all colour and shape scattered over it. Craftsmen were louis vuitton bags retailers jetted in from India and florists from Holland. An estimated 6 million pound worth of diamonds were worn and over 1 million pound spent on keeping the guests happy at the hotel. The first floor was turned into a virtual spa with beauty treatments and other services being provided. Mittal saw to it that the guests were even provided with mobile phones. As Akhtar puts it,"For hospitality Mittal gets 10 out of 10." The louis vuitton tote amazon highlight of the evening was a performance by Bollywood's star sensation Aishwarya Rai. Father of the bride: Lakshmi Mittal Indian chef Munna Maharaj, specially flown in from Kolkata for the occasion, prepared a royal vegetarian spread for the guests.

The spectacle was, however, not without its critics. Despite that, there was no denying the sheer grandeur and extravagance on display. At times, it even seemed to rival any of the historic events staged by the original court of Louis XIV at Versailles.

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