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* Monogram canvas, adjustable Monogram canvas shoulder strap, cross grain leather lining
* Shiny golden brass pieces
* Zip closures
* Two zipped compartments, one with a zipped patch pocket
* Carried on the shoulder or across the body

Kamloops Mounted Patrol horse bucks rider The animal soon stopped and calmly waited for his rider to retrieve him while an ambulance took the woman to hospital to be treated for scrapes and a twisted ankle.

"We're not exactly sure what spooked the horse," said Mounted Patrol director Rick Wanless, who said Bueno is a junior horse. "He was briefly separated from the other horse and I guess he got a little bit excited about that." The rider fell off when Bueno attempted to pivot around and then the horse took off, said Wanless. Stirrups whacking his sides may also have encouraged him to run. RCMP responded to the incident, speaking to a Mounted Patrol co ordinator and the injured woman, and determined no charges were applicable. "For our investigative purposes, there is nothing else to follow up on," said Staff Sgt. Grant Learned. "It's just an accident." Bueno didn't seem fazed by the brief chaos in the park. An hour later, he was once again calmly tolerating tourists as they hugged and petted him. The Kamloops Mounted Patrol group louis vuitton atlanta georgia is a popular tourist attraction known for trotting through the park on horseback and greeting passengers of the Rocky louis vuitton shoes replica womens Mountaineer train when it rolls through town. It's been a bad week for the volunteer organization's members as they also mourn the loss of Chico, a very popular 17 year old horse that louis vuitton bags on sale original died of a heart attack in a field on Sunday. Learned said he couldn't remember a similar incident of a Mounted Patrol horse getting out of hand, however it's not unheard of. "This louis vuitton briefcase fake is one of those rare and unique things that can sometimes happen with the unpredictability of even the most quiet and tamest animals," said Learned.

The incident is reminiscent of two other recent high profile stories of horses becoming loose, both out of London. During Prince William's wedding to Catherine, a horse bucked a groomsman and ran alongside the wedding carriage. And during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee ceremonies, a horse bucked a rider from the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment and also joined a carriage procession.

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