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* Damier Graphite canvas, cotton lining and leather trim
* Silver brass pieces
* Zipper closure
* Hand held
* Padlock
* Removable key bell and ID holder
* Calf leather handle-protectors
A soft trave...

Jason Gardiner But since then, the dancer has strutted into the limelight, raising TV ratings, not to mention quite a few eyebrows.

On lisping, panic attacks and being a hypochondriac Louie was born with a lisp but at 12 he had an accident that made his speech impediment even louis vuitton bags hk worse. "It got really bad after a trampoline accident," Louie recalls. "I was louis vuitton vernis bracelet doing a double front and my knees didn't un tuck properly and hit my chin. My teeth went through my tongue and after that it didn't work properly! "I had three speech therapy lessons but it got louis vuitton alma gm epi boring so I stopped. It's not a struggle to speak but my s's do get sssssstuck. But I'm not bothered about my lisp. It's part of who I am." Twirling, dancing and doing high kicks around the studio, Louie has bundles of energy, but his personality has led to crippling panic attacks. "I'm pretty manic so it's no wonder I get palpitations," he says. "But I've suffered from panic attacks from a young age. I get them in crowded places and can have full on hyperventilating, 'where's my brown paper bag?' attacks." Louie suffers from hypochondria as well. "That's down to Pat, my mum. When I was young, she took me and my three sisters to the doctors when only one of us had whooping cough. I was convinced I would be dead by 21. "I suffered Bell's Palsy, where one side of the face is paralysed, on millennium eve. I pretty much recovered but the muscle around my lip has never come back and that's why I smile manically to stop the right side of my face drooping!" On finding fame and crazy fans. Dance star Louie Spence shot to fame on Sky One's Pineapple Dance Studios last year. But before that, the 41 year old had been mixing with the stars for years. A dancer louis vuitton shoes 2015 for some big names, including Take That, Kylie and the Spice Girls, he was well ready for the limelight when it came although he insists it hasn't changed him. "I never expected things to turn out the way they have," says Louie. "I get asked if it feels any different being famous and it doesn't. I'm still happy to clean the toilets at Pineapple." So are there any advantages? "I get a discount in shops but I'd never say, 'Can I have a table, it's Louie Spence'. I'd feel like a kb, if they said 'Who?'.

" Louie, artistic director at Pineapple Dance Studios, retired from the stage at 31. "When I quit dancing I was at my peak," explains Louie as he recreates scenes from iconic dance movies like Dirty Dancing and Singing in the Rain for our shoot. "But darling, I'm still very supple!" With fame comes fans and Louie has plenty! "Grannies and kids stop me in the street but I also get builders, plumbers and firemen, which I am more than happy about!" And Louie can count a few high profile celebs among them Jonathan Ross, Miranda Hart and Goldie Hawn to name a few.

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