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Cabas PM
Cabas PM


*Printed with heritage Louis Vuitton advertisement
*Natural cowhide leather and suede details
*Shiny golden brass hardware
*Snap hook closure with Louis Vuitton Engraving
*Press studs to adjust volume
*Large interior zipped pocket
*Soft textile lining printe...

Murdered daughter Yazmina my everything "There is not a day goes by where I don't think of my daughter and wish she was still here by my side," Ms D'Argent told the court.

"I miss her face, I miss her smile, I miss her voice. I miss her laugh. I miss her smell, I miss her hair. I miss her cheekiness, I miss getting her ready for child care. I miss her coming out everywhere with me. I miss her doing our hand painting together. I miss her riding her Barbie bike and pink scooter. I miss seeing her playing in her toy room. I miss giving her a bath. I miss singing and dancing with her. I miss lying next to her at night and her playing with my fingers for her to fall asleep. But most importantly, I miss her running up to me and jumping into my arms and hugging me while telling me that she loves me." He kidnapped Yazmina from Ms D'Argent's Hallam home last November, then provided updates in phone calls and in text messages on his plans to murder her. Ms D'Argent desperately pleaded for him to bring their daughter home. Acar also posted messages on the social networking website, Facebook, which included: "Bout 2 kill ma kid" before stabbing Yazmina. He then dumped her body in vacant land in Melbourne's north west, threw away the 30cm knife he had used and set his car on fire. The court heard the stab wounds missed all vital organs and, as such, the time between sustaining the injuries and her passing away would have been "quite prolonged". Ms D'Argent told the court that even though she cannot physically see her daughter any more, "I know she's watching over me every day and giving me the strength and courage to get through everything". Defence lawyer Gavan Meredith said the fact his client had co operated with police and pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, demonstrated the remorse he felt for his actions. He said his client had also permanently scarred his face by engraving tears under his eyes "which he will carry for the rest of his life" as a reminder of what he had done. He had also cut Yazmina's initials into his stomach. The court heard Acar had made attempts on his life before the stabbing and had taken steps to address his anger management issues in the lead up to his arrest. Mr Meredith said his client was struggling at Port Phillip Prison, where he was being held in protection after fellow prisoners at the Melbourne Assessment Prison had made threats against him.

He said his client hated "lockdown" louis vuitton small agenda refill 2013 at night, because louis vuitton purses material that was when he did little louis vuitton alma fr else but think about what he had done to his daughter. But when Mr Meredith submitted that Acar had not intended to kill his daughter on the night, and that it was a result louis vuitton samsung galaxy s3 case amazon of an escalation of the unfolding situation, Justice Curtain said the text messages and phone calls he had made to Ms D'Argent and the fact that he had told her he had killed their daughter when he had not yet stabbed her shows "insight, it shows callousness".

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