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North South


* Luggage tag
* 1 interior flat pocket
* Embossed signature on the interior tag
* Tone on tone textile lining
* Protective bottom studs

The North South is a bold, bri...

Nissan Note Review The Nissan Note is a modern looking, well built small car that's a little larger than a conventional supermini but the benefits of this come in the exceptional space efficiency and flexibility of its well planned interior.

It's a match for many larger family hatchbacks for passenger space and luggage space, making it a front runner for those seeking maximum practicality louis vuitton alma bag replica for the money.It has other attributes too, though. The engine range is small but all the motors are modern and very fuel efficient, while the DIG S 98 petrol and dCi 90 diesel both pull well in combination with that excellent fuel economy.Another Note positive is its high tech infotainment system, which includes sat nav, clever apps and even internet radio. The fact it's included in the list price of many models is a real bonus and almost makes up for the Note's slightly drab interior and cheap feeling interior plastics.Overall, the Note offers great value for money and tremendous practicality that means the British built car should be on the shortlist of anyone seeking maximum space and value for money.The Nissan Note appeared on the UK market as a rival for the Honda Jazz in 2005, though a second generation model the car currently on sale made its debut in 2013. While the Jazz is the most obvious longstanding rival, it's priced to compete with popular superminis such as the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo too. Nissan is targeting car buyers after supermini size and value, but with added headroom and practicality hence the mini MPV shape. Other rivals include the Vauxhall Meriva and Citroen C3 Picasso.For a while, the British built Note was the most appealing small car in the Nissan range. However, with the arrival of the new Micra a larger, more spacious offering than its predecessor, and the ever increasing market share of small crossovers, the Note's days may be numbered.Popular models such as the Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Hyundai ix20 and Kia Venga all count as indirect rivals to the Note as indeed does Nissan's strongly selling Juke.This is partly why Nissan has focused on style with the latest Note, particularly in some of the stylish trim lines it now offers, in particular the n tec. Colours are appealing and you can even get features such as large polished alloy wheels, all helping the Nissan cut a dash on the street.The range is based around 7 core models: Visia, Acenta, Acenta Style, Acenta Premium, n tec, Tekna and Tekna Style. There's also the well priced entry level Visia Limited Edition, which offers superb value for money if you don't mind being restricted by engine and options choice.The Nissan Note is based on a well proven platform used louis vuitton briefcase china by the Renault Nissan Alliance: dubbed V platform, it's also used by the latest Renault Clio. It's sold in Japan too, but Nissan has fine tuned the platform here in Britain for European consumption, which means there's a marked difference between the two in our favour.It's not as fun to drive as the class leading Ford Fiesta, of course, but it still handles tidily enough, with good body control for a small car that's slightly taller than the norm. Body lean in corners is kept under control and we also found the steering was well weighted.The ride can be a little firm as a result though, particularly over pattery surfaces. The entry level 79bhp 1.2 litre is a three cylinder unit that performs well enough, with a reasonably torquey nature and smooth, free revving manners.The petrol engine you really want is the 1.2 DiG S, a 97bhp supercharged version of the base three cylinder motor. Introducing tech normally associated with high performance Jaguars, the supercharger boosts power and, in particular, torque: instead of producing 110Nm, the high power DiG S 98 produces 147Nm, which has a significant effect on in gear flexibility, cutting back on downshifts.Naturally, the supercharged 1.2 litre engine is the fastest Note on sale, although it's perhaps not as fast as its high tech nature sounds: it does 0 62mph in 11.8 seconds, instead of the regular car's 13.7 seconds. An Xtronic CVT automatic version of the DiG S is also available, which does 0 62mph in 12.6 seconds.The sole diesel engine is the 1.5 dCi 90, an 89bhp version of the familiar Renault Nissan four cylinder turbo diesel motor. This has a big hike in torque again, with 200Nm meaning it produces almost twice the pulling power of the base 1.2 litre petrol, at just 1,750rpm instead of 4,000rpm. For this reason, it's worth going for diesel if you regularly drive fully laden Notes.Performance of the diesel isn't far behind the DiG S, either: it does 0 62mph in 11.9 seconds and is just 1mph slower all out with a top speed of 111mph. It's worth noting that the diesel is a bit clattery and vocal compared to the petrol engines, though.Manual gearbox choice is restricted to a five speed unit. It's snappy enough and the clutch is reasonably light too both important considerations in city based cars. The alternative is that automatic Xtronic CVT gearbox, which is a lot less favourable. In common to all CVT units, its single gear nature doesn't feel natural and, if you drive quickly, the engine will often be revving loudly. Unless you have to, stick with the manual (and enjoy the significant 1,100 saving).All Nissan Notes are economical, fuel efficient cars. Even the base 1.2 litre 80 engine averages 60.1mpg it's no low tech alternative, despite its entry level price. Sub 110g/km how do you know if louis vuitton purses are real CO2 is impressive as well: it's a good choice if your demands are low.The better choice is the 1.2 DiG S 98 engine, though. Not only is this engine faster, torquier and more flexible, it's louis vuitton neverfull limited edition 2014 also more fuel efficient an extremely impressive blend of conflicting attributes. It officially averages 65.7mpg on the combined cycle and also emits just 99g/km CO2, thus dipping below the 100g/km benchmark.Do note, however, pairing it with the supposedly efficient automatic Xtronic gearbox inflicts a significant fuel economy hit. Combined efficiency drops to just 55.4mpg and CO2 emissions go up four tax bands to 119g/km.The diesel is naturally the most fuel efficient choice. It averages an exceptional 80.7mpg and emits just 90g/km CO2 when you factor in the Note's space and flexibility, it gives terrific bang for your buck in terms of fuel costs. Do also note, all Nissan Note models come with engine idle stop start as standard, boosting city centre fuel economy.While the Note's Driver Power overall result was a bit disappointing in 2015, it faired much more strongly for running costs, suggesting owners are pleased with its real world performance. are generally low for the Note, meaning it should be affordable to insure. All 1.2 80 models apart from the sporty look n tec are in group 6; the more stylish n tec moves up just one group, to 7.All 1.5 dCi 90 Notes are in group 9, apart from the entry level Visia; this has a single insurance group advantage, coming in at group 8.

The biggest variance comes with the highest performance DiG S 98 model, which has the highest insurance rating of all Note models, at group 10. This is as you may expect however, there are some positive exceptions. Choose an Acenta Premium or Tekna model with the Safety Comfort option pack and the insurance rating drops two groups, to group 8.

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