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Pont-Neuf PM
Pont-Neuf PM


* Epi leather discreetly embossed with the LV initials and microfiber lining
* Silvery brass pieces
* Zipper closure
* Three inside compartments including a central zipped pocket
* Hand-held with smooth leather handles
* 1 interior zipped pocket and 2 patch poc...

Law Found Guilty of Murder A Supreme Court jury has today found a man guilty of murdering his brother in law in a case where the key piece of evidence was a pair louis vuitton schal damen amazon of size 7 Prada men's shoes. Yeng Jun Wu, 45, was found guilty of murdering Berwick plasterer Shao Qing "Victor" Chen in what was described in court as a "frenzied killing". Mr Chen's body was found by his father at his Endeavour Hills property on February 11 last year. A long sharp weapon had inflicted at least 40 cuts to his head, and his brain had been removed. When Wu was later arrested, police found a shoebox for a pair of size 7 Prada shoes at his home just outside the garage. "Inquiries were made with Prada Australia about the style of shoe that correlates with the shoebox that had been located," Mr Bourke said. "A sample pair of such shoes that corresponded to the shoebox were provided to the police." Mr Bourke said a witness, Nu Chen, told police he and Wu had the same pair of Prada shoes. Test impressions made of the Prada shoes had similarities to the shoe print left at the crime scene. "There will also be some evidence that the shoe size of the accused man fits within the parameters of the shoe impression at the crime scene," Mr Bourke said. The prosecutor said DNA from blood drops and a broken where to buy knock-off louis vuitton purses Boss zipper also pointed to Wu being the killer. Police noticed Wu wore Boss clothing and had a wound on his hand when they interviewed him. Mr Bourke said Wu had owed Mr Chen, a father of two, more than $250,000 in loans when he killed him. Wu had been declared bankrupt in June 2008 after his plastering business failed. He had borrowed substantial sums of money from a number of family members and associates to maintain his lifestyle before buying a restaurant, initially louis vuitton bags cheap fake called Spicy Temptation and later renamed Straits of Malacca, in Little Bourke Street in 2009. Wu also bought another restaurant in 2011 in Glen Waverley, called Tasty Seafood.

At the time of his arrest, Wu was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Defence barrister Damian Sheales however said his client had no motive to kill "Victor" Chen, who had drinking and gambling problems, because he kept lending him money he never repaid. "Why on earth would you want to kill the person who you borrow money from? Every time you ask them for money they say yes and they give you more and you never pay them back," Mr 40 dollar louis vuitton bags Sheales said.

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