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Man charged in connection to online threat directed at Edmonton Pearce said police received an anonymous tip about the post.

understanding is someone did see it and they made police aware but they didn want to tell us who they were, Pearce said. were other posts made. They are part of the investigation which I can go into right now. are unsure of his intent right now. The investigation is still ongoing. It seems unlikely that he was in a position to act out the threat but it still open a statement Wednesday, MacEwan University said the 19 year old is currently a registered student at the school. matter of his conduct is being reviewed in accordance with university student conduct policy which operates separately from legal proceedings external to the university. MacEwan does not comment publicly on student conduct cases, a statement from MacEwan read. MacEwan University security services director Raymond Boudreau said a post was made onthe social media platform Chillabit that indicated there was potential for violence at the university. post wasvery general. It was a post that [had] no name, no identity, Boudreau said. Tuesday after the post was discovered. Officers wereon scene at MacEwan University campuses throughout the morning as an investigation was underway to determine the source of the threat and its seriousness. EPS is investigating and will be on scene at the campus. School remains open. The university said it takes all threats seriously and accordingly to maintain a safe environment for everyone. are trying to cause the least amount of disruption but, at the same time, provide that strategy that ensures the safe environment, Boudreau said. through friends posting about it on social media. He said he showed up at school to a heavy police presence and felt scared. didn really know how to respond because we have an alert system here, like a text alert, but MacEwan never sent out a text. We didn get an email until probably 9:20 this morning, he said. talked to some of my profs and they didn even know what was going on. was in class this morning but I couldn concentrate. Nobody was. I looked around my class regularly has 45 people in it and there was 16 in there this morning. felt that the school could have done more to alert students earlier about the threat. He said the heightened security and police presence made him feel a bit louis vuitton purses on ebay more at ease, but added other steps could have been taken. no way of screening who comes in. They not stopping and searching bags so it still a scary experience, he said. think school should have been stopped for the day. all that happening where to buy louis vuitton agenda refills in the United States and some of the threats that are happening up here you don want to take a risk, he continued. biggest complaint is people saying, shouldn have to choose between a midterm and our life.' Stephanie Gleason also would have liked the university to have handled the reported threat differently. The first year arts student said it took the school too long to inform students and staff about the situation. Gleason said she first learned about the reported threat from fellow students on social media early Tuesday morning. It wasn until about two and a half hours later that the university informed faculty and students about the situation, according to Gleason. was very surprising actually, where the only information anybody louis vuitton kanye west amazon is getting is from student to student, Gleason said. the school was notified and if Edmonton police was notified, they should have at least notified the professors to be like: is what going on. That in itself was pretty unsettling that there was no notification made to the faculty of the school. said she left the university in the morning after writing louis vuitton authentication wallet a mid term because she didn feel safe. She feels the university should have cancelled classes. kind of put in a position where it like, OK, we don know the seriousness of this threat, but am I trying to choose here between my safety and my grades? Gleason said. was just really stressful, given everything that happened in the States and Canada, I don feel any threat is too small to be taken seriously. saidthe university takes all risks very seriously but stressed the schoolwas never at imminent risk. the trigger to closure. If the university was, if anybody at the university was, at imminent risk, that would have been done. With the information we had, that wasn the case, he said. Boudreau said an email was sent to students rather than using the university text alert system because the alert system is only used when there is an imminent risk. reason why we don overuse it is because when a person gets an alert from MacEwan alerts, we expect them to read it and act immediately, he said. can assure you that if anyone on our footprint was in any imminent risk because of this post, they would have received that text. asked about the timing of when the email was sent to students, Boudreau said the university worked with Edmonton police to determine the severity of the threat and gather all the correct information before anything was passed along to students. not confident that we had all the accuracy we needed on this post. When we had that information, we used a platform within our internal email system.

That was the safest way of getting the information to the people who were here. world of social media is that these things get communicated sooner than we even know what the risks are. the man was taken into custody in Sherwood Park, police said they believedthere was no longer a risk to the school or public.

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