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*Natural cowhide leather trimmings
*Adjustable shoulder strap
*Slip closure with engraved Louis Vuitton signature
*Interior flat pocket
*Soft textile lining
Sophisticated Monogram Vernis,shiny gold brass ...

Porsche Mission E range set to grow Porsche's first all electric saloon will spawn various models, with different power outputs and over the air updates The Porsche Mission E luxury saloon car will hit showrooms by the end of the decade, and will spawn louis vuitton alma voyage various all electric models with greatly differing power outputs, CEO Oliver Blume told Auto Express.

Porsche's Mission E electric car was the star of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the brand is now well on its way to delivering a production louis vuitton purses new york model within the next two to three years. Prototypes have been built and will commence testing this summer, before being submitted to a gruelling cold weather programme to ensure the battery technology can cope with extremely low temperatures.Speaking from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, CEO Blume told us: "The Mission E will sit in the segment below the Panamera. It will offer a 500km (310 mile) range, with a 15 minute charge time."Porsche plans to sell 20,000 Mission E models a year and is looking at supplementing the range with a high performance GT E variant, as well as other versions with varying power outputs."We will think of different options," Blume said. "There will be more than one. With different levels of power."The boss also stated that the Mission E will be capable of updating its software via Wi Fi, and that Tesla style power upgrades could also feature. "It will be possible to work with over the air options," he said. "It isn't decided yet, but it could be possible to charge up with more power. For example when you have 400bhp, it could be possible to upgrade to 450bhp."In a previous interview, Blume told Auto Express to expect various autonomous features, though afully robotic version of the Mission E is not planned. He also said the ability for ownersto enjoy driving their car is essential, but gave examples where a driver may reada newspaper while stuck in a traffic jam or the car being able to park itselfremotely as occasions where autonomous technology could be used.Porsche Mission E electric rangeThe Porsche Mission E will offer exceptional performance, but will also deliver a range of 310miles and will be capable of being charged to 80% battery capacity in just 15minutes. Blume regards that time as an acceptable wait on a long journey.A fast charging network would need to be rated at 150kW or more. As the brandleading the VW Group's fast charging project, he said Porsche is working with anumber of other organisations, both within and outside the Volkswagen Group,to build the network. News from Geneva suggests that Bentley will make use of the Mission E platform for its upcoming all electric sports car.The charging technology may also be compatible with Tesla's Superchargernetworks, although adaptors may need to be used. Blume said there's no reasonwhy Tesla owners couldn't use the Porsche led infrastructure. It's not currently clear whether Tesla would open its network to owners of non Tesla models.The Mission E is slated for launch at the end of the decade, and Blume confirmedthe fast charging infrastructure will be available for owners to use when the cargoes on sale.The brand's first louis vuitton bracelet ioffer EV will herald a new eva clutch louis vuitton amazon era in battery powered Porsches, and brings a massive investment into the new plant that will produce it. The Mission E will be built in Stuttgart, Germany, alongside more conventionally powered models.As a measure of full commitment to electric vehicle production, around 700m will be invested in Porsche's main site to accommodate an extra assembly plant and paint shop.Porsche Mission E performanceIn terms of performance, Porsche has looked to its Le Mans winning 919 Hybrid racer for assistance. The 800 volt drive system will be carried over from concept to production, consisting of two electric motors and a powerful battery, which Porsche claims is twice as powerful as any other EV system available today. The Mission E will launch initially as a 592bhp four door, four wheel drive saloon, before other models are added later.Porsche claims 0 62mph in 3.5 seconds, with 0 124mph taking an additional nine seconds. The concept also features four wheel steering, with Porsche Torque Vectoring automatically distributing power to individual wheels to maximise grip.Other technological highlights include batteries that can be replenished wirelessly via inductive charging, while a panel behind the front wheel of the concept hides the conventional charge port, while insidePorsche has installed eye tracking and gesture control technology for the operation of the car's major functions.The dash has also been separated into two distinctive sections, with a traditional instrument cluster making way for a floating, 3D digital display.

The panel reacts to the driver's movements so the display is always visible and in the driver's line of sight.A second holographic display extends the length of the dash showing selectable 3D apps, which can be used to control primary functions such as the navigation, media and climate control. They can be accessed via swiping and pulling hand gestures, while the screen housed in the centre console is used for more detailed information menus.

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