LV Initiales Epi Belt

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LV Initiales Epi Belt


* Acetate and shiny palladium-finish buckle
* Epi patent leather
* Nubuck leather lining
This sophisticated belt in Epi patent leather is accessorized with an original interpretation of the iconic LV initials ...

Questions over Sussex Police's role in helping retired top The report, commissioned by the Foreign Office, also found the whistleblower, Michael Anderson, had no support during his hearing with the Sussex officers, as was his right.

Investigators, led by Sacha Wass QC, found that Sussex Police's enquiries "did no more than seek to justify the decision that had already been louis vuitton bags san francisco taken" by the St Helena Government and agreed with Mr Coll, to persuade Mr Anderson to resign. Their report added that Mr Coll, a former Sussex chief superintendent, was "unwise" in getting officers from his former force to investigate, due to the perception of bias. The report also looked into Mr Coll's handling of a separate case in which he was accused of failing to properly heed a warning that a man called Jeromy Cairns Wicks was a danger to children. It was found he could have had a case to answer for neglect of duty after he gave the man, who has since been jailed for 11 years, a job in the police. But Northumbria Police, who were sent in to investigate after a charity alleged the island was ridden with sexual abuse and police corruption, said his motives were honourable, and that he had no personal axe to grind. The report said: "Investigators consider his actions came within the orbit of a person reporting potential wrongdoing formerly referred to as a 'whistleblower' and that he should have been treated as such." Mr Anderson told The Argus on Thursday he had yet to receive the apology the Wass report recommends, and believed Sussex's involvement did not meet police regulations on sending officers overseas. "Again the whistleblower became the target rather than the alleged misdemeanours that they are complaining about. "Sussex Police was far too louis vuitton neverfull idylle fusain close to have led that investigation. The public perception will be that they are not totally independent." Peter Coll defended the use of his former force, arguing the link was officially recommended. Sussex Police said its involvement was agreed in principle with the then chief constable, Martin Richards. Those claims "grossly and unfairly tarnished" the South Atlantic island, a recent enquiry found, even if there were serious gaps in safeguarding. For Peter Coll, the move to St Helena followed a distinguished career in Sussex Police, in which he reached the rank of chief superintendent. In October 2012 Michael Anderson, a retired UK officer who had joined St Helena Police Service in 2011, wrote anonymously to a Hampshire MP. He raised concerns, telling Mark Hoban that people on St Helena had no faith in the police, that Peter Coll "boasted he was only on St Helena for a holiday" and that people in power were immune from prosecution. Among other matters, he added it was considered acceptable on St Helena for older men to engage in sexual activity with young girls and that there was no sex offenders' register. His letter was well intentioned even if not all the claims turned out to be accurate, the latest inquiry led by Sacha Wass QC found. But she concluded that what happened next to Mr Anderson was neither fair nor proper. According to the report, on November 27, administrator Colin Wells told the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that "Coll was going to talk Anderson through the letter and bring him into a position where he will admit responsibility and seek a dignified and quick exit from Ascension". He noted Anderson louis vuitton alma uk only had months left on his contract, and said: "Coll seemed confident that Anderson would go Coll is going to have his work cut out getting this right," according to the Wass report. Mr Anderson resigned on November 28, the day after meeting with Mr Coll and denying sending the letter to the MP. That was technically true as his wife had sent it. He was due to leave the island on December 8. Shortly after, officers from Sussex Police, an external force chosen by Mr Coll, arrived on the island tasked with investigating Mr Anderson for leaking information but with no mandate to explore the concerns he raised. They carried out a disciplinary interview with Mr Anderson on December 5, but he louis vuitton keychain amazon was unable to nominate at short notice a "police friend" to support him, as was his right, and chose not to answer any questions. He was not given the opportunity to reconvene and instead, the Wass inquiry said, Sussex investigators "went straight on to submit their report on the basis of the information available to them, concluding that on the balance of probabilities Mr Anderson had committed a breach of confidence". It was not until July 2013 that Northumbria Police looked again at Mr Anderson's case, finding that he should have been treated as a whistleblower.

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