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* Natural cowhide leather trimmings
* Louis Vuitton Steamer Bag inspired handle
* Adjustable, removable shoulder strap
* Classic golden brass S lock
* 3 interior comparments with zipped pocket
* Soft Mocrofibre lining
* Optional additional shoulder strap for...

Is Aaron Kosminski the real killer Jack the Ripper Aaron Kosminski, confirmed by DNA evidence (Picture: Photopress Belfast) DNA evidence has uncovered the identity of Jack The Ripper, and it none of the romantic suspects such as the Queen surgeon Sir William Gull, or artist Walter Sickert.

The most infamous serial killer in history has been identified as a relatively underwhelming Polish madman called Aaron Kosminski, who was committed to a mental asylum louis vuitton bags short hills mall at louis vuitton bucket bag lining the height of the Ripper hysteria. Kosminski was actuallya suspect at the time of the murders, even named by Chief Inspector Donald Swanson in notes the policemen made, but as the myth and legend of the murders grew over more than 125 years, so too did the list of morefancifulsuspects. The breakthrough came when a scientist, using cutting edge technology, matched DNA evidence on a shawl found at one of the crime scenes with descendants of Kosminski. Dr Jari Louhelainen, aFinnish expert in historicDNA, was brought in to study a shawl found with CatherineEddowes, the second last victim of the Ripper, whose body was discovered in Mitre Squareon September 30. Kosminski name is clearly visible in a hand written note by Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Donald Swanson (Picture: PA) The shawl still retaining stains and genetic material from the fateful night almost 126 years ago had been bought bybusinessman Russell Edwards, 48, at an auction louis vuitton inclusion bracelet price in Bury St Edmunds in 2007. In the Mail On Sunday, Dr Louhelainen is quoted as saying: has taken a great deal of hard work, using cutting edge scientific techniques which would not have been possible five years ago. I had the profile, I could compare it to that of the female descendant of Kosminski's sister, who had given us a sample of her DNA swabbed from inside her mouth. first strand of DNA showed a 99.2 per cent match, as the analysis instrument could not determine the sequence of the missing 0.8 per cent fragment of DNA. On testing the second strand, we achieved a perfect 100 per cent match. He emigrated to England with his family in 1881, moving to Whitechapel. He set himself up as a hairdresser but it is clear that he was suffering psychological problems, with latter day case notes saying he had been ill from 1885. The murders attributed to Jack The Ripper began in 1888. Anywhere between five and 11 murders of women in and around the Whitechapel area have been linked to the Ripper. A map of Whitechapel with Ripper related murders (from left): CatherineEddowes in Mitre Lane; Mary Jane Kelly in Dorset Street; Annie Chapman in Hanbury Street; possible victim Martha Tabram in George Yard; possible victim Emma Smith in Osborn Street; Elizabeth Stride in Berner Street; and Mary Ann Nichols in Bucks Row (Map: Wikipedia Commons) The five relatively undisputed murders of Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly happened between August 31 and November 9 1888. The 126th anniversary of Chapman murder is on Monday (September 8). The police file on the murders also point to the mutilation deaths of Rose Mylett, Alice McKenzie, the Street torso and Frances Coles Coles being the last to die in February 1891. In February 1891, Kosminski was forcibly put in Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum, and he remained in asylums until his death louis vuitton shoes price range in 1919, aged 53.

While it can be argued that it is hardly conclusive evidence that Kosminski was the Ripper(the DNA of a Whitechapel resident on the belongings of a known Whitechapel prostitute merely proves Kosminski met Eddowes at some point), it does put Kosminski closer to a Ripper victim than any other suspect in the century old case. Putting a typically Hollywood spin on the mystery, take another look at the positioning of the confirmed victims. WasMr Kosminski trying to leave the most tantalising clue of all? Answer: almost certainly not.

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