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* 100% UV protection
* Monogram flowers inserts on each side of both temple tips
Inspired by the floral world, these sunglasses are revolutionary with their stunning shape of temples, artfullyembellished with...

Louis Tomlinson says Oh, Louis Tomlinson, you are a conundrum.

Last louis vuitton bags france November the 23 year old One Direction star went on a Twitter rant declaring straight, when he felt his sexuality was being called into question by a journalist where can i buy louis vuitton purses for The Independent. Now he has appeared in a fan captured louis vuitton ipad 2 case amazon Vine video where he seems to be heard saying: gay, it pretty unfortunate same fan known as Tyla on the video sharing service also captured other clips of Tomlinson along with his bandmate Liam Payne in a hotel lobby in Australia where the boys are currently on tour.

One of her uploads was captioned MET LOUIS AND LIAM DRUNK WTF, so it sounds like anything said in the videos should be taken with a pinch of salt. MORE: louis vuitton bags videos Is Louis Tomlinson gay? Directioners show some of them have a soft side as they support him in the cutest way possible.

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