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* Taiga leather, Sari canvas lining and leather trimmings
* Silvery brass pieces
* Press stud closure
* Inside patch pocket and a cell phone pocket
* External D-ring (to attach a pouch or key holder)
* Carried on the shoulder or across the body
* Adjustable ...

Pictou County students say spirit is gone from schools "At lunch hours and breaks there's nothing going on students are just wandering around looking for something to do," the student at the New Glasgow school said.

All extracurricular activities were suspended when the Nova Scotia Teachers Union implemented work to rule in December, after failing to reach a contract agreement with the provincial government. Without sports teams, bands and choirs, other clubs and activities organized by the student council, the high school is lacking spirit. She said one of the functions of the student council is to provide activities that make school more enjoyable and boost morale while also making memories. These include dances, Fear Factor competitions and student teacher lip sync battles at lunchtime. "There's no hockey games on Friday nights to cheer the school on and keep spirits up. Having no spirit affects every single person in the school, even the teachers." RELATED: South Colchester students send message on work to rule through video RELATED: Work to rule action leaves students out in cold RELATED: Much of life is 'on pause' for CEC students RELATED: Coal Bowl Classic cancelled due to work to rule situation Fitzpatrick said the mood at the school is dreary, and she feels bad louis vuitton diamond bracelet for international students who aren't able to experience what the school normally offers. "This isn't what high school should be like," she said. "It's hard to be in the middle of a situation we have no control over." Fitzpatrick is hoping conciliation talks between the Teachers Union and the province continuing this weekend are successful, so that students and teachers can get back to their regular endeavours. She said students are "just tired, begging for it to end," noting that she's seen louis vuitton shoes burlesque movie tweets such as "Remember when school was fun? Remember when we were happy?" At Pictou Academy, student council president Clare MacDonald said the situation is much the same. "We're definitely feeling the effects. It's just not same atmosphere," she said. "We're feeling the effects of it work to rule is doing what it's supposed to. We're starting to notice everything teachers do outside of their contracts. We're noticing things teachers don't get paid to do." She said many students are stressed out about the circumstances, especially since no one knows how long louis vuitton bags 1995 it will last. "There are a lot of unknowns. Hopefully it will be resolved." Along with missing school sports teams, which MacDonald said are a big part of students' lives, the graduating class is especially feeling negative effects. "Our grad class has grown up louis vuitton shoes warranty through Pictou Academy, watching other grad classes do these fun things," she said, noting they were excited about such things as a potluck event, which has been a tradition for years. Beyond missing out on the traditions of the graduating class, Grade 12 students are experiencing difficulties with applying for scholarships and bursaries. "Teachers aren't allowed to write reference letters," said MacDonald, whose mother is a teacher. While most universities in Nova Scotia have waived this requirement, she said institutions outside the province may not be as accommodating. And she wonders how many Bluenose students will receive scholarships pitted against other students with reference letters. With exams coming up at the end of the month, students are also suffering the consequences of not being able to get extra help from teachers. "It's critical during exam season," said MacDonald. "Not every student can afford to pay a tutor. It could be the difference in a student being able to thrive or falling behind." Calls to the co presidents of Northumberland Regional High School student council weren't returned.

Talks to continue between NSTU and government over weekend Talks between the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the Province of Nova Scotia will continue over the weekend, following three days of conciliation this week. Members of the negotiating team, including president Liette Doucet have agreed not to speak to media during this time. "Teachers and students want a fair deal that will see improvements to our education system, and all Nova Scotians want this situation resolved," said Doucet.

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