Insolite Wallet

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Insolite Wallet
Insolite Wallet
Insolite Wallet


*Leather zipper pulls
*Golden brass metallic pieces
*2 zipped pockets
*12 credit card slots
*2 flat pockets for papers

A summery addition to any bag, the I...

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And, for that, I apologise. is the response of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to allegations he was a bully in high school. Never mind the state of the economy, the war in Afghanistan or the issue of health care reform. When it comes to presidential campaigns, the media would rather focus on bully dogs, or birth certificates. An altered image of Mitt Romney depicted as a bully in reference to Obama campaign poster Allegations made against Mr Romney and President Obama have been getting enormous media coverage in the louis vuitton authentication website last few months, as media outlets gear up for the US elections in November. But is this where the focus should be? Do we really care about what louis vuitton yellow bracelet Obama and Romney did louis vuitton handcuff bracelet as teenagers? Or if they would be the kind of people you would want to invite around for a BBQ? For all I care, Romney could be handing out nipple cripples to members of congress while Obama serves dog meat in the White House. Why? Because I care more about what they will do in office, should they survive the character assassinations in the press. The focus of coverage is becoming more and more about the candidates personality rather than their policy. So why is it happening? Well unfortunately people love to read about it and I think most journalists love to write about it. People really want to know if Obama ate dog meat in Indonesia (and some would like to know if he was born there) or if Romney hoisted his dog onto his roof for a family vacation. Political coverage has turned into entertainment. But sure, I concede that bringing to light the fact that Romney could be a homophobe who tortured a young gay classmate is important and relevant journalism. Personal character traits are an important measure of a person and a great way of determining if such a person is fit to be president. We just need to work on shifting some of the focus away from personal issues and onto the bigger ones. So get interested in the real issues and not the trivial ones, and I sure the articles will be written. barack, birth certificates, bully, dogs, elections, Ethics, journalism, media coverage, mitt, Obama, policy, Politics, president, press, romney, usa, white house Posted under: Future of journalism, Media ethics Dated: May 18 2012 This is a great topic to write about. Good to see you acknowledge both sides of the argument. The post would benefit from more facts to back up your arguments are their figures or anecdotal evidence to show people love reading about the personalities rather then the politics? To make your opinion even stronger, you could move the line coverage has turned into entertainment under the third par this would be the ideal structure. I would also have embedded links over and certificates to provide extra information for the reader. A couple of style/spelling/punctuation things. Try to limit tags to five. Bully should be bullies. Past few months, not (there will be more months). Cap up Congress. in the seventh par needs an apostrophe because it is possessive (candidates personalities). Make sure you credit where your pictures come from. Fashion Editor Tips and Tricks For Finding Exactly What You Want Online Measurements are maxi bags are large though often carried by hand, the lines do not have middle ground, modern, square or round and feminine. Sign In Michael Kors Outlet Online Michael Kors Outlet Store 80 % Off Michael Kors Outlet Michael Kors Outlet Online Or Ln Store Michael Kors Outlet Online Michael Kors.

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