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* Leather trimmings
* Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
* 1 exterior zipped pocket with patch pocket and pen loops and 1 interior flat pocket
* Textile lining
For sport, travel or every day, the Jongle...

my sister I was just struck dumb That's not to say that he isn't close to louis vuitton jobs atlanta ga his family.

Brought up lovingly by his adopted parents Sean and Helen Gallagher in Clontarf, the stand up comedian met his birth parents in 2002. His range of wacky characters, including an unstable taxi driver, ladies' man Jake Stevens and a 'Dirty Auld One', led him to become one of Ireland's best loved comedians. But it was during this time that PJ was dealing with personal issues after finding out that his real parents were still together, and had children, two brother and two sisters, whom the comic had never met. "I have a sister who looks so like me that when we first came face to face, neither of us could say anything. We were both dumb struck. It was like looking at myself in the mirror with a wig on, the weirdest, weirdest, wonderful thing to go through." Having known he was adopted from an early age, he was reminded of it again this week when he visited the Births Marriages Office to obtain the birth certificate he needs for his wedding. "When you're a seven year old kid who knows he's adopted, you never expect your birth parents to be normal people. "Watching super hero movies you expect that an alien spaceship will one day whip you off to the planet your parents live on," he joked. But when the day came to finally meet his birth parents, PJ found that they were just regular people, much to his relief. "Before meeting them, I was really scared, because you hear so many stories about adopted kids meeting their real parents and ending up wishing they never had. That wasn't the case with me. They turned out to be lovely," he said The comedian also found out the background louis vuitton bucket bag review to his adoption: "They were just very young people, starting out and they had to make decisions." However he is no doubt that the wit, warmth and love of his adopted parents helped turn him into the one of the most loved comedians on Irish TV. "I had a brilliant childhood with them in Clontarf. I can't thank them enough. In fact I'm probably the most well adjusted comedian in Irish comedy." The one sadness PJ has carried is that his adopted dad, Sean, whose death in 1999 from lung cancer, came before his comedy took off in hidden camera show Naked Camera. Gallagher turned down producers when they offered him a starring role in the RTE series in 2005. "I'd been doing comedy for 10 years at that stage and was sick of it. I told them 'no' and went on holiday. I was broke when I came back a few months later so I rang them back and said 'Is that job still going?'" Adopting the character of whistling chancer Jake Stevens, PJ became an instant hit. But getting recognised on the street took getting used to. "I just couldn't believe people I'd never met knew who I was. I thought I'd met them at a wedding and it annoyed me I couldn't place them. I'd practically follow them up the street trying remember their name." Three series of Naked Camera followed, along with the show winning an IFTA for Best Entertainment Programme in 2007. PJ's stand up gigs were rammed, too, but his career went off the rails in January 2010 in louis vuitton purses handbags the first of a series of operations on his right ankle which led to him cancelling tours, halted his TV career and forced him to cancel his wedding, twice. "It goes back to a crash I had on a BMX bike when I was a kid. My ankle has never been the same since. In 2010, I was getting into cycling and the doctors told me, we'll have you back on your feet within six weeks. "It was a keyhole surgery job but after three months I knew I was in trouble. I couldn't walk properly for a year after." A second procedure was carried out in January 2011 but problems continued. "It got to the point where I couldn't stand up. I had to pull a louis vuitton authentication item whole tour and stopped filming on the TV show we were doing, Meet The Neighbours.

"I got so depressed sitting at home not able to do the things I wanted to do. In lots of the sketches we did on Meet The Neighbours I'm sitting behind a desk because my ankle was so fd.".

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