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*100% UV protection
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Media Musings Blog Archive The desal plant Is our collective memory so short that we don remember life under water restrictions? In the summer of 2009/2010, as reservoirs dipped to an all time low of 25% capacity, water use was restricted across Victoria.

Researchers were studyingthe socioeconomic impact of water restrictions on sports grounds. The water taste is the only thing journalists aren criticising. Brack essential piece of infrastructure is now being described by the ABC as outrageously expensive, by The Age asa white elephant, and by the Herald as Victoria most expensive drop Andrew Bolt on his blog describes itlying idle in the rain and boasts that he was right when he said the rain would come eventually. But I think that by bagging out recycled water you may have inadvertently partaken in a more serious problem in the media coverage of this issue. Using recycled water (usually not for drinking, but it can be done) is a normal thing in many parts of the world, including the UK. It's pretty extreme to build an expensive desalination plant when we're not even recycling our water on a large scale. The incorrect notion (in the media and in general conversation) that recycled water is somehow unclean louis vuitton neverfull ebene mm is probably to blame. And while there's lots of talk about the money, louis vuitton alma us the real problem louis vuitton neverfull gm or speedy 35 with the desal plant is its environmental not financial cost. I'm bad at science, but I know you have to boil salt water to get steam, and condense it to get fresh water, which takes energy.

(Forgive me if they've in fact come up with a more sophisticated method! But I do know the plant remains energy intensive) I suspect that like many public works, especially "public private partnerships" this one has been designed to be a profitable investment for private industry, not the cheapest or most environmentally friendly option for the public. The broader issue is: if we're having to produce more fresh water than louis vuitton briefcase womens exists in the entire state, clearly that implies we're already living beyond our environmental capacity. So if efficiency measures reduce water use rather than us trying to live beyond our means, that's the way to go.

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