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* Damier Geant canvas in technical fibers identical to those used for climbing ropes, canvas strap, calf leather trimmings, hard-wearing canvas lining
* Brushed aluminum pieces
* Quick release fasteners
* Large zippered inner patch pocket
* Two large lockable outs...

New independent school planned for Carlisle The Steiner ethos is to provide creatives places where children can develop and learn without focusing on academic demands such as literacy and numeracy that are seen in mainstream schooling.

Core subjects of the curriculum are fake louis vuitton belt amazon taught in thematic blocks. Lessons tend to be more artistic and practical and whole class, mixed ability teaching is the norm. Initially, Holme Head School will cater for younger children three, four and five year olds. Longer term aims are to grow the school year by year until the full 3 18 age range is covered. It will operate on weekdays in term time from Holme Head House, a community atelier owned by Carlisle nursery proprietor Emmy Sealey and her husband Roger. Mother of two Alison Pate, 30, of Newtown Road, called a meeting in February to gauge interest about her idea. She and the Sealey family now form part of a small team developing the proposals. They are joined by fellow Carlisle parent Megan Anderson Fraser and Gareth Presch, from WHIS (World Health Innovation Summit) Kids. Mrs Pate, who has two daughters one aged 20 months and a three and a half year old, said: "I put forward the idea to do an independent school that offers an alternative education because there is no education alternative in Carlisle. I'd looked in to home schooling but it isn't for me. "We want the school to be affordable and we're working with the WHIS Kids programme to work on that. "It will be affiliated to the Steiner Fellowship but it will not be a full Steiner school because we want to offer something new. We are going to take the best bits of Steiner, Montessori and others and then as we grow with experience we can develop ourselves." She added: "One of the biggest differences between Steiner and mainstream education is in those early years. Steiner don't teach reading and writing until the age of seven but when you look at their results later on they are exactly the same. "It is about getting children emotionally mature before starting to focus on things like teaching them to louis vuitton neverfull ikat read and write. There would be no testing and we wouldn't do exams louis vuitton amazon uk apart from GCSE and A levels, and they would be optional." The school would be a not for profit operation with fees paying for staff training and equipment. A fundraising day planned for May 29 aims to raise money to cover initial training and equipment costs. The team is putting together an application to register the louis vuitton neverfull inspired independent school and seek government backing. Oh no no no. Steiner Schools are a haven for crackpot ideas and even worse teaching. At their hearts is a psuedo religious collection of New Age woo and Christian beliefs called anthroposophy. They delay the teaching of useful skills, such as reading and maths in favour of 'nice' and 'pretty' things like dance and 'self expression'.

Dangerous and unproven treatments such as homeopathy and faith healing are encourgaged. If you wish for your child to receieve an education suitable for the 1850's, then go ahead, send them to this school. If, however, you want them to able to cope in the modern world, avoid this place at all costs.

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