Card And Notes Holder

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Card And Notes Holder
Card And Notes Holder


*Water-repellent, durable calf leather
*5 credit card slots
*1 long compartment for notes
*3 additional compartments for ID cards and other receipts
*Intricate leather detailing around edges
*Discreet Louis Vuitton initials

Media Musings Blog Archive Stop the War on Journalism Abbie O week the Washington Post published an article detailing how the US Department of Justice beganinvestigatingpossible leaks of classified information about North Korea in 2009.

The article detailed how the DOJ monitored Washington based Fox Journalist, James Rosen, who allegedly spoke to Stephen Jin Woo Kim, a State Department contractor, for a story about North Korea nuclear program.The Post reported how federal investigators were led to believe Rosen conspired to solicit classified information from Kim, about North Korea.The Obama administration labelledRosen as a 'co conspirator" and used National Security Laws to justify search warrants for his private communication.Parallels have already been drawn between the Rosen Case and that louis vuitton neverfull mm pris i sverige of Bradley Manning.It is alleged that the US Government had attempted to make in the past, when It claimed Julian Assange could be prosecuted as a with Manning, forsolicitinginformation from him.While the Department of Justice claims its investigation is a War on Terror, journalists and Press Freedom advocates are more concerned it is in fact, a War on Journalism.Many supporters of Press Freedombelievedthe WikiLeaks investigations and attack on Julian Assange foreshadowed a threat to investigative journalism.The Rosen case surfaced just louis vuitton alma nm days after revelations that the Justice Department monitored the Associated Press' newsgathering activities, which has done nothing to deter their predictions.So what does this mean for future investigative journalism?Gary Pruitt, the President and CEO of the Associated Press, has said the move already has had a chilling effect on journalism. He said the government has no business monitoring the louis vuitton briefcase for sale AP'snews gatheringactivities. He added,It no surprise Obama has condemned leaks. But he also stated that "journalists should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs," and that he's "troubled by the possibility that leak investigations may chill the investigative journalism that holds government accountable."But media lawyer Ted Boutrous wrote in the Wall Street Journal, Justice Department has completely lost sight of the First Amendment. the past, investigative journalism has been asignificantcatalyst in bringing down corruption. And while cases, like Assange and Rosen might deter journalists from exposing truth and corruption, they should serve as a powerful reminder of the journalist obligation to bring media and civil societytogether.I finish with a quote which Ibelieve, sums up why the type of journalism practiced by journalist such as louis vuitton neverfull limited edition 2015 James Rosen, is crucial in the functioning of ademocratic and civil society."News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising. The power is to set the agenda. What we print and what we don't print matter a lot."This is a really interesting issue in current and future journalism.If it our jobs to tell the news as accurately as possible, then any fear of doing so with persecution defeats the purpose of what journalism sets out to do.

Labelling someone as a shows just how willing people are to jump to conclusions without understanding the true intentions of an individual.Love the quote: is what someone wants suppressed. At the end of the day it seems those with power are the most worried about those whom expose real news, so maybe that should tell us something about what we read in the media today.

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