Pochette Milla MM

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Pochette Milla MM
Pochette Milla MM


* Zipped closure
* One interior patch pocket
* Easily attached to a D-ring
* Golden metallic Louis Vuitton signature plaque
* Soft microfibre lining
The petite Pochette Milla MM in supple Damier Azur canv...

Media Musings Blog Archive Splitting ties when the kids are gone A how to spot a fake louis vuitton agenda recentstudy by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has reported that the divorce rate of people married for more than two decades has doubled in one generation.

It appears that the baby boomer generation of today are far more likely to call it quits than their parents or grandparents were. The general reaction to this, they say, is one of disappointment andshame. The AIFS have stated that the rate of divorce amongst our fifty something's is something of a growing trend and that our society has come to louis vuitton charm bracelet ebay accept this as normal. Whenever the debate is tossed around the elderly jump up and say things like To which someone of a younger age would usually respond with, "everyone deserves to be happy." The real question we need to ask is not why divorce is such a proliferating occurrence? But what is so wrong and shameful about divorce? Despite promises of "till death do us part," there are implications that both parties in a marriage need to be happy. And I'd suggest that after twenty odd years you've probably got a good idea of how happy you actually are together. It's not a question louis vuitton neverfull gm ebay of harder or your commitments to one another; it's about making the best life you can for yourself and your family. Sometimes, to the extreme dissatisfaction or our social order, that involves the singing of annulment papers. Of course there is something particularly moving about a couple that stays wedded for most of their lifetimes. I recently sat before my great uncle at the funeral of his adored wife Liz. He said their marriage gave him more happiness than any other aspect of his life. However, not every couple can operate the way Russ and Liz did. I'd dare to say they were the exception to the rule. The reality is, a couple shouldn't stay married because authentication for louis vuitton of their children, or for financial reasons or because they don't want to be added to society's snowballing divorce statistics. A couple should stay married because they are happy and can see a vivid future together. Marriage is not a penance to be served. It is union to be enjoyed and cherished, possibly until death does you apart. A very interesting blog entry which I have to agree that the younger generation are more prone to divorce than the older generation. I think that another reason behind the higher divorce rate is due to the commercialization of infidelity. With Hollywood films and real life celebrities constantly displaying extramarital affairs etc, the society had slowly but surely accepted this constant cheating issue. As young consumers of media, an impression is soon formed in our mindsets that this is actually acceptable. The older generation is preoccupied with different responsibilities such as making ends meet, hence reducing the possibilities of affairs and divorces. Women in the past were also less empowered to have a say in their marriages and many would stick to their spouse for the sake of familiarity and finance. But these days most women are educated and many will not hesitate to choose career advancement over families. As the society progresses, beliefs and priorities change drastically which contribute to the increment of divorce rates. An interesting statistic, and one which I have wondered is true. There is no doubt our grandparents come from harder times and are simply, more stoic. However, it also quixotic to spout that marriage should only be continuous for those truly happy with their situation within one (no religious agendas here). Divorce IS negative. It is a SAD consequence of two individuals who cannot bear to companion each other until the end of their lives. Divorce is also an easy out and my parents have often said that they work at their marriage everyday divorce is not the only option when times get tough.

Many of my friends parents have divorced and I believe it has something to do with their being somewhat forced to rediscover their own life together once their children are independent. At this point, without the dual purpose of running around after children these baby boomers have lost their youth and only have each other to look at. What is one to do at 60, partnerless for the rest of their 25 odd years (without burdening their newly independent children)? Play chess solo? Go on holidays alone? Be cared for and looked out for by nobody? Go to the cinemas by themselves? Cook for one? Live off a single pension? Everything about being partnerless at this age is sad.

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