Speedy 40

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Speedy 40
Speedy 40


* Elegant hand carry
* Zip closure and padlock
* Rounded handles and trimmings in natural cowhide leather
* Generous capacity
The iconic Speedy is always in fashion and suitable for a variety of occasions. S...

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society will 'flexible' over current account closure date It follows reports that other banks and building societies were struggling to process new accounts because N is not a member of the seven day current account switching service (CASS).

A spokesman for N said it had "seen a good response from customers so far with more transfers or closures completed than anticipated at this stage." Customers were written to in January with an outline of the proposals, which will see the closure of 28 branches across louis vuitton purses real Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, and the potential loss of 136 jobs. Its 100,000 current account customers must also close their accounts after the building society decided to withdraw the service. MORE: Is Norwich and Peterborough closure the death knell for banks on our high streets? A spokesman said: "Since then we have sent a formal notification to approximately half of our current account customers confirming they need louis vuitton authentication thread to where is louis vuitton sold in atlanta close their account by the end of August. "We will monitor the transfer and closure rate and we will remain flexible on the closure date we set for remaining customers. Our priority is making sure customers have sufficient time to be able to be able to choose and then transfer their accounts with the minimum disruption possible." N said it had increased the size of its switching team, while some other banks including NatWest, Metro Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and TSB have increased their own teams to handle the anticipated workload. The Daily Telegraph reported earlier this week that some high street names were concerned at how long it would take to process the transfers, which have to be done manually rather than through the automatic switching service. Nationwide Building Society was having to send back one in five applications because of incorrect paperwork, said the paper. The N spokesman added: "We are more than willing to ensure we are managing the process it in a way which makes it easy for all providers, and have already adjusted how we do things for a number of them." I put in a complint because I have opened 4 new bank accounts big problem online the banks are saying they can t do he switch it's louis vuitton shoes edinburgh been stressful and we need more help for old people not sure how they are going to do the work sorting a new account Yorkshire Bank should never been able to shut n p current accounts I have appointment end April but Don t hold out much hope hat hey can switch our account we need paying for all he worry that comes with sorting 3 new accounts and a direct debit account all I got today was we are sorry We were talking to someone at a N P branch just a few weeks ago were told that the N P's policy was that there was no need to move accounts yet.

And that the N P was in talks to help transfer it's accounts to another Bank or Building Society. So there seems to be a very big disconnect between what the N P are telling it's customers what it is telling the media. Why is it we keep getting the news of what is happening via the media not directly? Yorkshire Building Society should be totally ashamed of the way it is handling this treating N P's customers.

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