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Boetie GM
Boetie GM


* Can be carried by hand or across the shoulder
* Engraved golden brass twist lock
* Zip for secure closing
* Two interior flat patch pockets
* Natural cowhide leather trimmings
With its soft pleats and r...

Martin Parkinson to head Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet He was one of louis vuitton neverfull initials three senior public servants includingDon Russell, Blair louis vuitton shoes in south africa Comley andAndrew Metcalfe let go in the early stages of Mr Abbott's prime ministership, and replacedby people from outside the federal public service. But Dr Parkinson, one of Australia's most respected economists,returns at a difficulttime for the PM and Public Sector Union members in the office have voted in favour of industrial action andmore than 600 union members could soonstrike for up to 24 hours. It follows staff resoundingly voting down an enterprise agreement in the face of cuts of about 200 full time equivalent positions in the coming months. Nadine Flood, nationalsecretary louis vuitton love bracelet of the CPSU, said she would recommend Dr Parkinson advise a "modern, sensible" approach to fixing the long running bargaining dispute with staff. "We welcome Dr Parkinson's previous statements on the dangers of the erosion of public service capability under this and previous Governments, with endless efficiency dividends and outsourcing of core policy and service delivery functions. "I would politely suggest Dr Parkinson might provide some frank and fearless advice on both the risks of further cuts and taking a modern, sensible approach to fixing the 18 month long bargaining louis vuitton keychain wallet amazon dispute with their own workforce." Ms Flood called Dr Parkinson an "impressive public servant" and wished him well in the role. DrParkinsonreplaced Ken Henry ashead of the Treasury in 2011 until he was replacedby John Fraser in January 2015. Since his removal, he has been brutal in hispublic comments about Australia's economy. In a recent paper, he argued that the Lucky Countryhad run out of luck. And without serious attention turned to the budget, would not absorb global economic shocks as it had in the past. Earlier this year, Dr Parkinson told a conference at the Australian National University that Australia would suffer if politicians continued to put politics before the economy. Serious reforms had to be made to improve the health of the budget and to boost economic growth, but neither side of politics seemed to realise how serious the problem was, he said at the time.

He criticised both sides for taking serious reform proposals off the table for political reasons, and singled out Labor's attempt to rejectchanges to the pension assets test as an example of the poor politics doing Australia harm. Dr Parkinson was secretary of the formerDepartmentofClimateChange between 2007 and 2011, and perceives climate change as a "real threat to Australia". In a statement, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Dr Parkinson has had an "extensive and distinguished career as an economist at the national and internationallevel as wellas making a significant contribution to public administration in Australia at the highest levels".

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