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Galatea PM
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* Calfskin leather trimmings
* Subtle shiny golden brass hardware
* Elegant interpretation of the iconic Toron handle
* Shoulder carry
* Large double-zipped opening
* Interior zipped, patch and phone pockets
* Soft Microfibre lining

Media Musings Blog Archive Is the media making us meaner Have you ever felt like you can't measure up to the media's idea of perfection? Buy any women's magazine (even men's) and you'll be bombarded with images of celebrities and models with the "perfect body shape", complete with a headline claiming to make you look just like them.

These pictures of "perfect" men and women play on our insecurities and often we can't help but wonder if we are less of a person for not hitting the mark. And the thing is, these warped notions of reality have the potential to manipulate not only the way we view ourselves, but also the way we view each other. "Perfect" images of celebrities can make people feel inadequate. Gif courtesy of WSWCM And believe it or not lavish lifestyles aside celebrities are the ones who have it the worst. Because they are always in the public eye, they're easy fodder for the critic in all of us. Kim Kardashian eating a hamburger?Fatty! Brad Pitt grew a beard? Eww, he looks like a homeless person! When did it become okay to ridicule people like this? And the latest person to fall victim is former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai. Ms Rai before the pregnancy. Image courtesy of The Age. Rai who gave birth to a baby girl last year as recent photos suggest, hasn't decided to go back to her pre baby body. Okay, who cares? I hear you ask. Well, apparently a lot louis vuitton shoes 39 of people. Not only is Rai a household name in India, but she is also a successful Bollywood star, and the original pretty woman, Julia Roberts, named her the world most beautiful woman. But apparently that very rep gives people permission to expect her to be back to her pre baby svelte shape pretty much, well, immediately. When photos emerged of Rai in the back of a car on her way to a party, outrage ensued over her 'double chin'. The photo that angered fans. Image courtesy of The Age. "She is a Bollywood actress and it is her duty to look good and fit," said one angry commenter. Another added, "She needs to learn from people like Victoria Beckham who are back to size zero weeks after their delivery." Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr cast unrealistic expectations of baby body bounce backs. Left image courtesy of The Age. Right image courtesy of David Livingstone. Once something with just a little scandal potential, like Rai who is just happy spending motherhood with her daughter rather than on a treadmill (you go girl), cue the media milking it for all it's worth, because a lot of the time in louis vuitton alma small the media industry, bad news, is good news. Aishwarya Rai, Body Image, celebrity gossip, magazine Posted under: Media ethics Dated: May 22 2012 This is an interesting post which is set out well. The issue louis vuitton shoes white is good too because it still is a problem. It seems as though the influence of a magazine image and the outrageous comments that usually follow continue to harass people/celebrities on the stupidest things like baby weight. The issues seem to only provoke self esteem issues and even an obligation to feel as though there is a need to compete which to me doesn seem to help out all that much. But yet people read this stuff. It is a real shame this continues to occur and to Rai also. Wow I loving the Gifs. Haven seen anyone else use those yet so it really effective, and suits the topic completely. The issue is one that us ladies enjoy to jump on board with and rightly so. I am constantly hating on these media mags that are saying people are or or have had surgery. I really think its tacky and annoying and give journalists a bad reputation. The links you have provided a great sources for what your talking about, lead me straight to the garbage articles. I say eat more chips girls. I think another factor that is really important is the average media consumer. We the ones seeing the skinny models and reacting in these ways. We still buying the magazines and reading and commenting on the articles that are perpetuating these stereotypes. We need a wider re alignment of our views on body image, and hopefully that will start organically, through our conversations and actions in relation to body image. I know the media is just appealing to the ideas that are already widespread in society, but it a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. What came first, the media or the attitude? I say it the attitudes towards body image, so let change our attitude. This is definitely a relevant topic as it is still happening louis vuitton bags replica ebay until today. It terrible seeing all these unflattering pictures and comments of celebrities being used to make money. I am a hypocrite though because I do give into the tabloids. I suppose as human beings, we like to feed off other people misery. It makes us feel better about ourselves. It reconfirms that celebrities are normal people with imperfections too.

But I agree with what Rebecca is saying. We should change our attitude on body image. Nothing will change unless we do.

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