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* Scratch resistant canvas
* One interior flat pocket
* Invisible magnetic closure
* Adjustable shoulder strap
This compact bag is the perfect accessory for the busy modern man. Its stylish masculine design ...

Media Musings Blog Archive Artistic shots or pornography If the advertising industry has taught us anything, it that sex sells.

If you purchase the right car, ladies will be chasing you down the louis vuitton shoes clearance street; wear that deodorant, women will instantly want to strip down to their lingerie upon getting a whiff of you; if you use that brand of shaving cream you get the whole female demographic breaking down your front door. But one brand obvious sexism and degradation of the female kind has slipped under the radar until now. American Apparel don have advertisements on Australian TV, nor do they advertise using bilboards. They market themselves in a much more low key fashion, through niche websites and magazines. Recently, Swedish blogger wrote about her findings when buying a unisex shirt from American Apparel, juxtaposing the photos they had of both the men and women wearing the same shirt. This was the result: Photos from American louis vuitton shoes harrods Apparel website There nothing subtle about the overt sexism that displayed. This unisex shirt is being modelled by the woman in a way that reeks of pornography. And this isn the only photo where the female is modelling a unisex shirt sans pants. Another comparison of a unisex shirt Erikson concludes her post with think I'll give this shirt a miss. Cos I kinda think I want to wear pants with it. I'll probably catch a kidney infection walking around with a bare ass like that before summer. Because it seems as though women can ONLY wear this shirt (ONLY) if they tie it to the front. But if I were a man, well I could have worn this shirt whilst hanging out with my friends, chilling, smoking. Crap. Oh well, I'll wait. American Apparel have since seen lots of criticism on their Swedish Facebook page where they posted last week a company, American Apparel is very sensitive to gender and sexual issues Some bloggers have confused an artistic photoshoot we think is quite beautiful louis vuitton shoes 2014 a louis vuitton purses blue product shot. Commenters refuted back with comments regarding the lack of photoshoots with the male semi naked. I don think American Apparel are being sensitive to gender issues I do think that their photos are blatantly objectifying women, and that, unless their male photoshoots include images that are equally sexually explicit, than the brand is definitely promoting a culture of sexism and objectification.

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