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Sarah Wallet
Sarah Wallet


* Discreetly embossed Monogram Vernis leather, leather lining-Golden brass pieces
* Press-stud closure
* Ten credit card slots
* One bill compartment
This wallet fashioned in discreetly embossed Monogram Ver...

Owners who leave dogs tied up outside stores could face penalties There's no specific rule in Kamloops that bans dogs from being tied up in a public place, but owners are expected to have control over their animals at all times.

That means if an owner is in a coffee shop grabbing a latte while Rex is tied up outside, a bylaw is being broken. City safety and enforcement manager Jon Wilson said Wednesday the bylaw is for dogs running at large any dog not on a leash and controlled by a responsible, competent person. "So technically, a dog tied up to a meter or pole could be considered at large," he said. "It should be with the owner, the owner should have it on leash." However, bylaws louis vuitton bucket bag lining staff don't usually deal with the dogs unless there's a concern or a problem, he said. "I don't recall, louis vuitton alma orange off the top of my head, ever having to deal louis vuitton bags women&s handbags with this. It depends on the dog, too. If it's barking or being aggressive, that'll raise alarms for some people," Wilson said. But there are people who are afraid of dogs, louis vuitton s lock bracelet and others who could let it off the leash when it's tied up, so there are many reasons why they shouldn't be left unattended, he said.

communities. If a dog is picked up by a Kamloops bylaw enforcement officer for running at large, the impound fees are $75 for first time offences, according to the City's website. The bottom line, Wilson said, is that if the owner isn't at the end of the leash, the dog is not under his or her control and therefore is at large.

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