Porte-Documents Voyage GM

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Porte-Documents Voyage GM


* Wraparound zip for easy access
* Spacious A4-sized interior
* 1 interior zipped pocket
* 4 flat pockets and double pen loops
* D-ring to hang keys and accessories
The Porte-Documents Voyage GM in Damier...

New baby store hopes to offer what Pictou County doesn't have NEW GLASGOW Kim Anderson is hoping to provide Pictou County parents with some better options for everything from cloth diapers to nursing tops as she prepares to open East Coast Baby Supply in downtown New Glasgow.

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But more than just a store, Anderson is hoping her business can be a bit of a resource centre for parents. Already she is organizing workshops related to cloth diapers and plans to form a bit of a support group for potty training. While they do want to be a help for those nursing or using cloth diapers, Anderson said she respects the fact that parents make different choices and never wants to put pressure on parents to change what they're doing.

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