Monogram Shawl

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Monogram Shawl


*60% silk and 40% wool
*Printed with the Monogram pattern tone on tone
Soft and warm due to its mixture of silk and wool this shawl is printed tone on tone with the Monogram pattern. Signed Louis Vuitton Paris its...

Principal Designer's Competence JohnW153 2 louis vuitton neverfull leather years agoDoes anyone know what criteria will be used to assess the Principal Designer's "skills, knowledge and training" as a basis for louis vuitton purses spring 2015 deciding if they are competent to fulfill the role? It will be the high quality replica louis vuitton shoes client's duty to assess this, but presumably they will need more than an "it's OK, I can handle it" from their designer on which to base this. I have been told that anyone who is a qualified professional on whichever body is relevant to the profession (ARB in the case of architects, ISE for structural engineers and so on) AND who has relevant experience of the type of project will be considered competent to act as PD by the HSE, but is this actually defined anywhere? Just come from a CPD event where an HSE Principal Inspector briefed all on CDM 2015. The opinion was that the Principal Designer's skills knowledge and training and experience (SKTE) required would be that of a CDMC plus. In fact it was suggested that existing CDMC's should re role as Pre construction H designer to Principal Designers. Taking the thread further a designer would require a person with CDMC plus SKTE on a medium size project and larger to coordinate and communicate the H in design information. As with all things the level of SKTE required is proportionate to the size and complexity of the project. The Client is expected to set out the SKTE in the supplier selection process. I think a Client might need a H adviser to advise him on supplier selection! JohnW153 2 years agoWow! I don't see how any CDM C is going to be able to achieve the "plus" part of the SKTE in the remaining time frame before April 6th. Not to mention that as PD they are going to have to be involved throughout the whole pre construction period at the very least attending every design team meeting. More fees for them, more costs for the clients! If this is seriously what the HSE are saying will have to happen, the effective date for implementing these regs is really going to have to go back a long way. Given the raft of wildly conflicting interpretations that CDM 2015 is generating and the impossibly short time frame which all invested parties have to assimilate the impact on their roles I'd have to say that it is shaping up to be one of the least effective and poorly implemented pieces of legislation ever to affect the construction industry! JohnW153 2 years agoThere is an additional aspect to the application of the CDM 2015 regulations to domestic projects that I have not yet seen aired anywhere. The reality is that the vast majority of domestic projects do not have the involvement of professionally qualified designers at all. There is an army of plan drawers that style themselves as "architectural designers" but who have never been qualified or who have never even attended any relevant training. So long as they do not actually call themselves "architects" they can do so with impunity. It is not illegal and as the law stands, anyone can design buildings even the paperboy with his laptop and a free copy of Sketchup. It is highly unlikely that the majority of these plan drawers have ever heard of CDM 2015. Their clients almost certainly will not. On April 6th they are going to be carrying on exactly as they are now, oblivious to the fact that they and their clients will be immediately breaking the law.

Will the HSE even notice or care? The ARB and RIBA certainly don't. Is CDM 2015 a law with teeth, or is it one of those things that will only ever feature after the louis vuitton a french saga amazon fact, when something has already gone drastically wrong? Bill Sowerbutts 2 years agoJohnW153 I have been saying this for months the SME most especially the domestic end won even be aware of legislation so unless HSE campaigns hard and prosecutes hard (but how will they even know projects exist) then it will be ignored. But as I stated from the outset the way it was spoken of in the initial proposals makes it clear that this sector is a reluctant addition from the law drafters and they want to see as little extra incumbent on the domestic market as possible they state as much in the preamble to the proposed regs.

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