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* Water-repellent, durable calf leather
* Adjustable, comfortable shoulder strap
* Zipped front exterior pocket
* Interior double flat pocket
* Double pen loops
* D-ring to hang keys or accessories


Media Musings Blog Archive Pope or prime minister loudmouth bigot of his university days, the homophobe, the blinkered Vatican warrior, the rugger bugger, the white Australian and the junkyard dog of parliament are all, he would have us believe, consigned to the past.

Marr in Political Animal. Journalist David Marr recent Quarterly Essay Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott is as ruthless as the label placed on the man in question. Yet why has the majority of the response to Marr unrestrained piece focused on punch or punches rather? The alleged conflict in 1977 between student politicians Barabara Ramjan and Tony Abbott was the only bit of the interview that Abbott allowed to be placed the record focus in the wake of Marr article should louis vuitton hiring atlanta surround how Abbott religious allegiance, homophobia, bigotry and louis vuitton neverfull pris i norge rampant ignorance will impact his (in)ability to lead this country. Whether Ramjam was confronted by Abbott or not, why does it matter? Even Marr admits, in his past but what matters, Marr says, isthat Abbott was once a wild child but is now a man of self control and of contained energy. I want to ask this question, however: Why are journalists and the public alike so morbidly fascinated with incidents of politician past? This reminds me of the time Rudd hit up Scores club in 2003 a favourite of UN diplomats and journalists. Marr latest recounting of the making of power hungry liberal leaders (see Power Trip: The Political Journey of Kevin Rudd) clearly panders to the left, but what is Marr actually doing here? I not sure that he is achieving much here other than reaffirming what we already knew about Abbott and an exercise in thorough research and dirt digging. On political dirt digging, Andrew Bolt questioned why Marr fails to recall Gillard then boyfriends fund Clarke and Dawe aptly sum up Abbott incompetent fact checking and louis vuitton groom agenda dodging of the past here. Watch David Marr talk about the animal that is Abbott on The Monthly SlowTV here. I think you right that it shouldn really matter what politicians got up to at university. God knows there be some interesting stuff to dig up on me if I ever decided to go into parliament. But I think it was where can i find fake louis vuitton bags merely the anti woman angle that got Marr book really into the headlines. I agree that Marr is achieving very little by dirt digging and muck raking. On the one hand I guess he would agrue that we have a right to know the truth about our elected officials, we need to know who we voting for. On the other hand, what relevance does Abbot alleged conflict really have for voters today? None at all. Dredging up shipwrecks from politicans private lives is just another way to score cheap political points and dumb down what should be an important debate about today policies, not yesterday mistakes. In terms of Tony Abbot, yes, he may be a mysoginist, he may be homophobic, he may be a lot of things. But can Marr honestly say he publishing this stuff for our own good? Thanks, David. But I don need you to protect me.

Anyone who engages in dirty politics has to first get down into the mud with the rest of them. Marr is no different.15 August 2016 Speech Images Wallpapers,Essay,Quotes,SMS, Shayari,Wishes,Messages 2016.

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