Graffiti Bag Charms

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Graffiti Bag Charms


* Gold
*finish brass and fluorescent resin
* Louis Vuitton graffiti signature designed by Stephen Sprouse
* Part of the Graffiti collection
A tribute to New York artist Stephen Sprouse, who collaborated with...

Media Musings Blog Archive The Brocial Network and for some reason AFL Yesterday, a story broke about "The Brocial Network" a Facebook page that encourages men to upload photos of scantily clad women.

The network asks men to scroll through photos of their woman friends, select and upload them to the website, and then place a link to the women's Facebook page next to it. Many women were not aware of how their photos were being used. Even if they had privacy settings on, it is easy for the men to louis vuitton bags yellow download a photo to their computer, and then upload it again. There are two things wrong with this. The fact these men are suppose to be friends to these women, and the way in which a photo is suddenly being placed in a completely different context. A photo from an innocent night out album and the same photo on a site asking for photos that reveal "a little too much" are two entirely different things. And while we could debate all day about how women should be more careful, or how these men are sickening and pathetic, the real question I want to ask is, why are AFL players mentioned in knockoff louis vuitton purses this story? The Herald Sun article has even used them in the headline. "AFL louis vuitton vernis bracelet players swapping racy images of women on Network please. Here we go again. I need to ask, how is their involvement in this relevant? Four people out of eight thousand can hardly be called a dramatic figure. I understand how the AFL will always be under media scrutiny.

And don't get me wrong, they should really know better than to do some of the things they do cough Fevola cough. But in this instance it is a story about men and the page they have created, not about how louis vuitton bracelet with charms four AFL players are a part of the page that they may have been added to without their knowledge anyway.

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