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* 100% UV protection
* Metal frames with acetate tips
* Photochromic lenses
* Damier pattern engraved on the metal arms
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Reliving Alzheimer's second time around Kenda Pauwels was 21 when Alzheimer's disease and a subsequent stroke took her mother from her first mentally, then physically.

Thirty years later, she's watching her sister go through the same thing. Pauwels' sister Dianne Buckham is the oldest of the six siblings; Pauwels is the youngest. There were times her sister 14 years older helped take care of her, much like a mother. Thirty years after the disease robbed Pauwels of her mother, it's taking her sister away. Even five years ago, Buckham was much more vibrant and alert, although the signs of Alzheimer's were showing. "She was so beautiful, so radiant, so smart," Pauwels said Wednesday. These days, her sister doesn't speak much, but louis vuitton agenda gm size she's happy. She greets everyone she meets with a "hi" and a hug. "She's always smiling, happy to see people." She still lives with husband Jack, who cares for her around the clock, Pauwels said, and he never complains. While Pauwels takes comfort knowing her sister seems to be happy, despite the disease, she remembered that her mother found it frustrating especially when she started losing her ability to talk. As someone who is losing another close family member to Alzheimer's, she admitted there are times it takes a toll even though her sister's upbeat attitude has helped. "I remember thinking with my mom, 'You don't even know who the heck I am.'... I remember visiting my mom louis vuitton purses tivoli and crying every time, all the way home," she said. The family has been selling T shirts with a drawing representing Dianne in her Red Angels basketball days at Kam High, wearing the louis vuitton bags types number 15. champs in 1960 and 1962, and on the list went. The school has been a part of the family; Jack Buckham taught and coached there, most of the family went there and now their kids attend. The school's senior basketball teams held a fundraiser in Dianne Buckham's honour last Friday. Pauwels said her sister sat behind her during the game, stroking her hair and back as if to say she knew what was going on. "It was like she was telling me she knew it was for her," she said. Her sister, now 69, is still living at home mainly due to her husband's around the clock support, Pauwels said. Even though her sister is handling the disease differently, and people know more about Alzheimer's than they did when her mother had it, that doesn't stop it from taking a toll on the family. And it doesn't halt the memories from 30 years ago from returning. Pauwels's mother died at age 71. The fact her sister is only two years from that age sticks in her memory. But then, she also remembers something that was on a funeral card for Dick Dickens, another teacher who was involved in the community and the school board. It said life is how you live your dash that is, not the date you were born or died, but the dash in between that connects them. Pauwels said she reminds herself of that. For now, her sister is still living her louis vuitton alma bag knockoff dash, as happily as she can. And her family is living it with her. takes place Sunday at the Tournament Capital Centre.

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