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Olympics no joke for Frizell Frizell, a 27 year old native of Perth, Ont.

, who lives and trains in Kamloops, is in London for her second Olympics. She is scheduled to qualify on louis vuitton green briefcase Wednesday, with the final set for Friday. Frizell is a fun loving, trash talking competitor, and plans to have as much fun as she can with her partners on Team Canada. That was evident on team picture day, when she was photographed hugging or possibly strangling sprinter Justyn Warner. The photographer captured the first of many smiles that Frizell will be sporting in her Olympic experience. "I'm going to enjoy my role as second time Olympian, a veteran, and take all those young guys under my wing... then make them my personal servants," she says, with a laugh. That laugh and most of the smile goes away when she talks about her goals for London. The 2008 Beijing louis vuitton bracelet buy Olympics is something of an open wound for Frizell, who managed a toss of 65.44 metres, finished 33rd and didn't make the final. That result was Frizell's worst of the 2008 season. "I have a lot of goals and a lot of business to take care of in London," she says, the smile fading. "There's some goals that I want to achieve in London and I'll keep them to myself they're personal." At the 2008 Olympics, a throw of 69.37m would have put Frizell in the top 12 and into the final. In Athens, the number would have been 68.67m, so it stands to reason that a throw of 70 plus louis vuitton agenda mm size metres would get Frizell into the final. Since furthering her own Canadian record (75.04m) at a meet in Tucson, Ariz., in March, Frizell has generally been hitting between 69 and 71 metres. At her latest meet, a National Track League event in Toronto on July 12, she hit 70m to finish first. But the Olympics is obviously a little bigger than the typical meet. Frizell freely admits that London, rather than Beijing, was the goal when she moved to Kamloops in 2007, but that doesn't mean Beijing wasn't a disappointment. Beneath the sarcasm and the vulgarity, Frizell is, indeed, an optimist. She believes the Beijing experience will help her in London. "There are a lot more things out of your control than you would like to admit, and you don't like it, but you have to deal with it," she says. "This time around, there will be things that are more in my control and I'll be used to them." Frizell ought to be used to competing by now. Growing up in a cottage on the shores of Adam Lake, near Perth, she spent her youth playing a variety of sports, from volleyball and basketball to gymnastics and figure skating. But as a bush child "I ran around naked all the time," she says, possibly seriously her introduction to throwing events came when her father gave her a rock (shot put), a dinner plate (discus) and broom handle (javelin) to throw. She turned that into a scholarship at the U of Georgia, where she competed in the shot put, hammer, discus and javelin. She returned to Ontario in 2006, won her first Canadian hammer championship the next summer and then packed up in the fall of 2007 and moved to Kamloops to train. Since coming to Kamloops, Frizell has increased the Canadian hammer record multiple times she still holds it while competing in world championships, Commonwealth and Pan American games. She was first at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, before taking second at the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. All of that every early morning, every overseas flight, every throw has been aimed at these Olympics. "I think since 2007, I've had minus a little injury I had maybe three months off in four years," Frizell says. "That's roughly three months away from actually training or thinking about training. "As soon as these games are done, I think I'm going to go for another one.

That's where I'm at louis vuitton scarf authentication howto right now," she says. "But this is going to be an amazing experience.".

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