Keepall 50 With Shoulder Strap

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Keepall 50 With Shoulder Strap
Keepall 50 With Shoulder Strap


* Removable strap with shoulder patch
* Leather handles for comfortable hand carry
* Good capacity
* Cabin size
* Removable leather name tag
The medium sized Keepall in Monogram canvas is the ideal travel...

Rick Mercer comes to Kamloops for first time Ask Rick Mercer if he's been to Kamloops before and the host of CBC's Rick Mercer Report will not be able to give you a definite answer.

That's because the comedian louis vuitton bags kuwait and political commentator has been to thousands of Canadian towns, cities and villages sometimes more than once during his nine years on the show. The visits tend to blur. When asked the question by journalists and fans in the past he's said, with honest certainty, that he hasn't been someplace only to later learn that he has. "Then I'll learn that I've been there five times before," Mercer told The Daily News during a phone interview. One of Mercer's staff has developed an online map to keep track of the places he has and hasn't been. Mercer said it's a very impressive map filled with dots. Lots and lots of dots. "It takes forever to load and then it turns into one giant dot," he said. "I think 'how'd I do that? How'd I go to all those different places?'" If he hasn't been here already, Kamloops will definitely be a part of that giant dot when Mercer performs at the Sagebrush Theatre on Saturday, May 5 as part of his A Nation Worth Ranting About tour. Mercer said fans can expect stories about his various travels around the country and clips of the people and places he believes are worth talking about. "It's a fun night. I'm looking forward to it," he said. He's compiled hundreds of segments from his years as host of the Rick Mercer Report and his stint as one of the creators of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, now in its 20th season. Suffice to say he won't show entire segments from his shows, just bits and pieces of his favourites. There's no hesitation when Mercer is asked what his favourite segment is. He cites a piece he did with the Man in Motion himself, Rick Hansen, as a standout. He said Hansen is not only a personal hero of his, but he turned out to be a really nice guy. "It's dicey stuff meeting a personal hero, especially if it's an artist or an louis vuitton epi authentication athlete or someone who is famous for doing a single thing. You might have a preconceived notion, but he turned out to be far more impressive than I could ever have imagined," said Mercer. "And I convinced him to let me throw him off a bridge in his wheelchair, so it turned out to be a great piece." He had to negotiate with Hansen about the whole bridge thing, said Mercer. Hansen wanted to go sturgeon fishing, which Mercer felt might be a little dull. Hansen eventually relented. Mercer first came to national attention in 1990, when he premiered his one man show Show Me the Button, I'll Push It, or Charles Lynch Must Die at the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa. Mercer moved on to the satirical news show This Hour Has 22 Minutes and his spin off Talking To Americans was the highest rated comedy special in the history of CBC Television. Made in Canada, a situation comedy about the Canadian TV production industry that Mercer co created and starred in, ran for five seasons on the CBC. Mercer said it's no accident that current events and politics have played a heavy role in his comedic routines and rants. "I was very lucky that my interests were comedy and my interests were politics and I somehow figured out how to marry the two," he said. He's changed his routine a bit on the Rick Mercer Report, choosing to interview everyday people like firefighters and lobster fishermen instead of politicians, louis vuitton shoes gold which he used to do regularly. This louis vuitton totally mm authentication has nothing to do with a dwindling interest in politics, said Mercer.

He still rants about it at every opportunity. It's just that the average Canadian has led a more interesting life. "I'd rather go talk to Rick Hansen," he said.

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