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Citadin NM
Citadin NM


* Damier Geant canvas, textile lining, natural cowhide or calf trimmings
* Aluminum pieces
* Zippered closure
* Internal patch pocket and cell phone compartment
* External, zippered pocket with the Louis Vuitton signature
* Carried on the shoulder
* Adjustab...

MINI Cooper Convertible Review The third generation MINI hatchback is better than ever, and it's the same story with the MINI Convertible version.

It's good to drive, with an upmarket interior and a great range of engines under the bonnet as well. It was also named Convertible of the Year at our 2016 New Car Awards.It's fairly expensive, but there aren't many rivals that offer open top thrills in a supermini sized package. There are a lot of personalisation options, including a Union Jack roof, that can drive up the price but keep your wits about you and you could snag a good deal.There's a hot MINI Cooper S Convertible model, plus an even hotter John Cooper Works (JCW) version, but even the cheaper Cooper and Cooper D flavours have plenty of power and manage decent economy as well. There's very little space in the back, however, and even though you may expect the boot to be small, it is still worth emphasising that this isn't a particularly practical car.Now into its third generation, the 'new' MINI Convertible is easily the best yet. Like the latest hatchback models, the MINI Convertible for sale today is the biggest and most spacious ever, but it's also more upmarket and has a terrific range of turbocharged power units that have improved both power and economy.Direct rivals for the sporty MINI are few and far between, but there are quite a few contenders for sporty open air enthusiasts that arguably range from two seaters like the Mazda MX 5, through fashionable style led models like the DS3, Fiat 500C and VW Beetle convertibles, to more grown up rivals like the VW Golf and Audi A3 Cabriolets. The Fiat and Citroen only have roll back roof panels of course, while the MINI and others are full convertibles which are definitely more fun on a warm day for those who enjoy such things, at least.As you might expect of a premium option, the MINI Convertible comes in fewer varieties than its hatchback sister models. The entry level is the MINI Cooper Convertible, and you can also get a diesel Cooper D, the zingy Cooper S and the very rapid John Cooper Works version. Which basically means you can choose from a super frugal 74.3mpg diesel, or a 6.6 second 0 60mph time in the JCW at the other extreme, with a pair of models offering stages in between.As well as choosing your model, there are a variety of option packs designed to tempt buyers to push the boat out further. For example the MINI Convertible Pack offers upgraded remote opening and closing from your keyfob, plus heated front seats. The Convertible Chili Pack counts posher upholstery and LED headlights amongst its highlights, while the Convertible Yours Pack includes options such as a multi function steering wheel, and Union Flag upholstery detailing.There's more tech on louis vuitton bags speedy 35 board than previous MINI Convertible models too, louis vuitton purses uk which means it's safer and better suited to modern life than before. The interior feels well built, and the funky design inside and out will continue to mean this little cabriolet is a desirable car for younger buyers.All are also available with a six speed manual or automatic gearbox, and because the Cooper is the entry level car there's a decent amount of standard kit as well. Boot space of 215 litres and limited legroom in the back do hurt its practicality as a supermini, however.Despite some extra weight from the strengthening needed to reinforce the convertible version of the MINI, it's still great fun to drive. It has well weighted steering, a grippy chassis, a slick gear change and feels nimble around corners.The driving position is comfortable and feels sporty, but some may find the ride on the stiff side. The vibrations you often get as a result of a convertible losing the extra bracing of a fixed roof aren't too bad. You'd still notice them if you drove it back to back with a hard top supermini (and especially the MINI hatch), but it feels more rigid than a DS3 Cabrio despite having a proper convertible roof (unlike its rival).The Cooper S is stiffer but not overly harsh in terms of ride quality, but the JCW might be a bit too firm for some. It's fine in the hatch, but the rock solid suspension reveals some rattles and shimmys on poor roads. Given the JCW is more of a serious driver's car anyway, we'd say the Cooper S is enough for the droptop.On certain models there are adaptive dampers which can alter the suspension settings between driving modes, which means you can decide on the fly between driving fun and ride comfort. It makes more sense on the fast Cooper S and JCW models, which have plenty of performance to exploit on a twisty road.On the motorway and in slower speed driving the MINI is well behaved commuting wouldn't pose too much of a problem, as there's little wind noise with the roof up. Get it down and there's quite a bit of buffeting, but a removable wind deflector over the rear seats can help sort out the worst of it.The engine noise is more audible with the roof down, and in Cooper S models that means louis vuitton agenda pm refill the pops and bangs from the tailpipe are louder, which can be good fun if you're in the mood. The JCW bumps that same engine up to 228bhp, making it one of the fastest supermini hot hatches around. The Cooper D is the only diesel model, and its three cylinder 1.5 litre unit has 115bhp.Even the Cooper model has 230Nm of torque thanks to its turbocharger, which means 0 62mph takes only 8.8 seconds. The Cooper D is a little less impressive, with the sprint taking 9.9 seconds, but the Cooper S model caters to speed freaks as it does 0 62mph in just 7.2 seconds. The JCW is fastest of all, taking only 6.6 seconds.The Cooper's three cylinder turbo is our pick of the louis vuitton shoes unboxing range, plenty of punch for overtaking and enjoying the chassis at a more reasonable price and with decent fuel economy. There's a choice of a six speed manual or six speed automatic gearbox and we'd choose the manual, as the auto isn't the best at selecting the right gear to be in at the right moment.The Cooper S is the sweet spot for drivers after a bit of performance, feeling genuinely brisk and sounding good in the process. It's quite thirsty as a result, though, and a touch unnecessary in a convertible that's all about posing and nipping around town. The JCW takes that further still it can be seriously exciting on the right road, but is again expensive and a bit over indulgent.With its new range of turbocharged engines, the new MINI Convertible is reasonably cheap to run. Extra weight means the figures drop from the equivalent hatchback model but the difference alone shouldn't be enough to dissuade you from buying.The most economical model is the Cooper D diesel, which returns 74.3mpg and emits just 100g/km of CO2. Go for the automatic version and that drops to 72.5 and 104g/km, however. The petrol Cooper model returns 57.6mpg and emits 114g/km of CO2 with the manual 'box, or 55.4mpg and 119g/km with the auto.Considering the performance on offer, the Cooper S' 47.1mpg and 139g/km figures are decent, with the JCW model only managing 43.5mpg and 152g/km of CO2. Neither will do much better than 35mpg in the real world, however.An optional MINI Driving Mode system is available that lets you choose between Sport, Mid and Green settings. The Cooper model is a little higher in group 19, and both are higher than their hatchback equivalents. The Cooper S, being quite a bit faster, is in insurance group 29, though this drops to 25 if you go for the automatic version.At a glance there's not too much difference between the current MINI Convertible and the previous generation model.

It still has that modern MINI look, with the retro inspired grille and roofline giving it a cute and stylish appearance.The folding roof folds all the way down, unlike rivals like the Fiat 500C, which means with the windows down the whole cabin is exposed. The boot space takes a hit with the roof down, dropping from 215 litres to 150 litres, however.

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