Speedy Golden Arrow

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Speedy Golden Arrow
Speedy Golden Arrow


* Aged gold metallic pieces
* Watered textile lining
* 1 interior flat pocket
* Protective bottom studs
* Luggage tag not sold with the bag and not available for sale


Louise O'Neill Documentary Receives Huge Response documentary has started a conversation that needs to happen Louise O told IFTN as we spoke with her along with the Director Traolach Buachalla this afternoon about the huge response generated by the one hour documentary which aired last night on RT 2.

The Reality Bites Documentary Asking For It? definitely appears to be filling the appetite out there amongst an Irish audience that welcoming an honest, open discussion about consent, its understanding within our society, it definition and how Irish people speak about it. response online has been extraordinary, said Louise O when we spoke with her today. I just heard that Sean Sherlock Labour TD has raised the statistics aired in the show in the D today. Thanks to everyone who watched and tweeted. Let keep this conversation going. The massive reaction online to the documentary is hugely eye opening and as Director Traolach Buachalla said, Response on twitter last night was extraordinary, there was a real louis vuitton igor briefcase sense of people reacting to the documentary and really welcoming and appreciating the conversation it was creating. also spoke of how he felt that Midas Productions, the company behind last nights documentary were very lucky to have Louise as the presenter of the show because of the passion she has for the subject matter. Midas Productions first approached Louise off the back of her book For it? wondering if she would be interested in doing a documentary about consent. Her engagement with the topic really helped make this an extremely informative hour of television that addressed one of the most pertinent issues in Ireland today. Examining our culture around sex and attitudes towards survivors of sexual violence. Traolach said he was very proud that our national broadcaster RT wanted to become a part of this conversation, and he also said a huge amount of appreciation and respect had to be given to the team behind the documentary who all got so passionate about it, especially Producer Pamela Drynan louis vuitton neverfull vs michael kors jet set spent a lot of time getting the Justice System to speak with us and allow us access to the courts, which was such an important visual aspect to include in the documentary, as it instilled a real sense of being able to connect with the reality of somebody having to go through the court system as a victim. When IFTN asked Louise why it was important to make a documentary like this, her response was the following list; Brock Turner, Stubenville, Listowel, NIamh N Dhomhnaill. Need I go on? These are just a few of the cases of sexual assaults that have been huge news stories, but there are thousands more that go unheard, louis vuitton neverfull mm quanto costa unnoticed. We need to discuss these issues. And I think it great that Midas Productions saw how important this topic was, and that RTE decided to commission and show this documentary.

also spoke passionately concerning choice have choices here; to continue going on as we are, which is not adequately discussing issues of consent and sexual relations, and see the statistics that 4 in 10 Irish women will be the victims of sexual assault in their lifetimes; or change, change our outlooks towards our conversations about sex and sexuality, and to make consent a central part of that conversation. this Reality Bites documentary, Louise really investigates where Ireland stands on this highly emotive topic, as she explores our attitudes towards sexual violence and related issues, such as casual sex and slut shaming. Director Traolach Buachalla also mentioned that a part of this documentary offered a real sense of having the chance to make something compelling, educational and informative the documentary aired last night there were many calls online for it to be screened in Schools as an educational tool regarding louis vuitton bags used the discussion.

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