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* Silver finished hardware, including lockable padlock
* Hand, shoulder or cross-body carry
* Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
* 1 zipped exterior pocket
* 2 large interior compartments
* Wide strap at the back of the bag to slide onto the Pegase suitcase

one day of conception Three birthdays, For Joyce Mallon, the births of her three children are miracle.

Conceived on October, 26, 2007, in a lab by in vitro fertilization, the embryos were implanted into her uterus at two year intervals, giving her and her husband three children conceived on the same day but born years apart. are my Tripblings!! Triplets via conception, siblings by actual birth, she wrote in an e mail sent to CNN. (to my knowledge), has any claim to. experts say while the Mallon births are exciting, they not a first. With better freezing techniques, many babies have been born by doing what the Mallonsdid: creating a group of embryos, using some to start one pregnancy, and then freezing the restfor future pregnancies. Three babies born this way aren triplets, but rather three genetically unique louis vuitton agenda small siblings conceived on the same day and born years apart. can think off the top of my head of several couples who done this,' said Dr. Daniel Shapiro, medical director of Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta. isn new. added that it is, however, exciting. He says more and more couples are using frozen embryos. Using louis vuitton alma forum embryos from the freezer is less expensive than harvesting a woman eggs anew each time a couple wants another baby, and it also less invasive for the mother, since harvesting eggs from a woman ovaries requires a medical procedure and sedation or anesthesia. In 2007, after the Mallons discovered they were unable to conceive a child on their own, they went to the Advanced Reproductive Care Center in Irving, Texas, which helped them create eight viable embryos. When the embryos were five days old, doctors implanted two of them into Joyce Mallon uterus and froze the rest. About nine months later, Julianna Grace was born. The Mallons then had six frozen embryos left. Less than a year after Juliana birth, doctors implanted two of them, but Mallon miscarried. Less than two months later, doctors implanted two of the remaining four frozen embryos. This time it worked, and AnnaSophia Grace was born May 28, 2010. A year and a half later, doctors thawed and implanted the final two embryos, resulting in baby Andrew Gracin last month. The Mallons gave the three babies similar names since they were conceived at the same time, each with an "Ann" sound. a mother, is the most important thing I will ever do in my lifetime, and I am PROUD of the way in which my Tripblings were conceived, Mallon wrote. Shapiro estimates that about 25% of babies are conceived through frozen embryos, and the rest through fresh. Dr. Jamie Grifo, program director of the New York University Fertility Center, said it is unusual to have enough viable frozen embryos to have three babies, but it still not unheard of. are plenty of babies born this way, he said. Mallon said she considers the frozen embryos to be human beings, and mourns the loss of the five embryos that did not result in a baby. grieve for them every single day, she told CNN. When Andrew was born, she said she cried for two hours, relieved that the siblings created at the same time had been reunited. I could say was, waited so long for you, she said. were back together as a family. Medical Producers Caitlin Hagan and Miriam Falco contributed to this report. JPC God forbid your children ever have such a problem. You clearly cannot imagine the pain and agony such women, including myself, go through to have children via IVF. Just try to picture how painful the procedure is and how painful it is to watch other women get pregnant easily and then give up their kids, abuse them, and so forth. At least people who take the incredible effort and expense of IVF really want children and do their best to become the best parents ever. Wouldn it be a better world if everyone cared so much about their children, no matter how they were conceived? July 18, 2012 at 20:51 Report abuse This is for jsmith as someone who endured long painful years of infertility and uncountable only to end up still childless, I want to make sure that you understand that people like us would never be parents if some loving mother didn decide to her child away. As a society we have to STOP talking about adoption in such negative terms. Placing a child with another couple to raise is a heartrending decision for birth mothers when they know it is the best thing for their child. My son birth mother did not him away She selected another couple who wanted to be parents and she is entrusting us with her most precious gift give we treasure every single day and with the recognition that the only we can offer is to raise her child well into a good, productive, spiritual, happy man. So, please, people, let start using words that are affirming to adoptees and which clearly acknowledge the emotional implications of a difficult (for the birthmother) and joyous (for the adoptive parents) decision. September 20, 2012 at 01:35 Report abuse I honestly have no idea how this woman is special. That the whole point of IVF, freezing embryos for later use! No respectable doctor would put 8 embryos back in a fresh cycle so of course you would freeze them! I did this louis vuitton alma ioffer multiple times, though never resulting in a live birth. This is common practice nowadays. Additionally, I would like to point out that in IVF cycles the embryos are not in your uterus, they are instead transferred and you spend 10 days hoping against hope that the little guys implant naturally, resulting in a pregnancy. While the medical field has come light years in terms of reproductive medicine, they have not yet discovered how to physically an embryo. July 18, 2012 at 19:43 Report abuse Reply This is louis vuitton purses used nothing new at all. My sister had the same procedure in Dayton, Ohio back in the 1990 and had 1 child and then 2 years later had twins, all from the same batch of embryos. She was one of the first people around here to have it done at Miami Valley Hospital. Can remember the doctor name, but it was on our local Dayton news back then.

Of course, when sis had it done, there was no online publicity, because the internet was too new then. So, to the mother of these triplets, sorry to burst your bubble. It has already been tried, tested, and proven years ago.

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