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*Short toron handles for hand carry option
*Removealbe strap with shoulder pad for shoulder carry option
*Key bell wieh press stud detail
*Double zip opening with leather covered padlock
*Cashmere calfskin leather trim
*Louis Vuitton Paris signature embossed

Marcus Rappel pleads guilty to murder of Tara Costigan Mr Costigan said his niece's family and friends would now prepare themselves for the hearingand sentence proceedings, which areexpected to take place later this year.

"It's a huge relief for our family and Tara's friends that ebay kleinanzeigen louis vuitton agenda he's at least pleaded guilty to what he did." "We're really just taking it in, it's a big relief in some sense but it's just another step in the process that hasn't finished yet. "There's been this burdensome unknown that's been there for quite some time. It's good to finally put that louis vuitton agenda einlagen 2014 to rest." He voiced some frustration over the length of time it had taken for Rappel to plead. "In my opinion it shouldn't louis vuitton bags youtube take a year to admit to what you've done but obviously there was a louis vuitton epi authentication process that they have to go through." "How can it keep continuing on when it just seems so obvious?To be perfectly frank, I think it's a case of trying to get the greatest level of leniency in a situation that doesn't really warrant any leniency.

" Mr Costigan said what his niece's two young sonswitnessed during the attack was"incredibly traumatising"but family members were lookingout for thephysical and emotional wellbeing of all three children. "We're a big family, and it's not just our family, it's also Tara's maternal family, we're all a big family and we're looking after each other and it's just part of the process." Mr Costigan, who last year started the Tara Costigan Foundation to raise awareness of domestic abuse,said the case had also highlighted the need for a dedicated family violence court.

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