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* Calfskin leather trimmings and handles
* Shiny silver brass hardware
* Thin Toron handles and removable strap for shoulder carry
* Double zipped closure
* Interior zipped pocket and 2 patch pockets
* Soft Microfibre lining
* Base feet

Pippa weighs in to slimming storm to accuse new Top model Pippa O'Connor has told of her surprise that Amanda Brunker is now speaking about the joys of being a size 8.

The two blondes engaged in a weighty war of words last year after columnist Amanda launched a broadside at Pippa for saying she was a "heifer" as a size 12. But while plugging her new slimming tablets, which have helped her shrink from a size 16 to an 8, Amanda was quoted as saying how, 'if you do louis vuitton purses galleria need to lose weight and you are not happy in your skin then this can help you. But obviously I am not trying to tell anybody under a size 12 to try and take this". Now Pippa has said she was astonished that Amanda who once said she was delighted with her curvy figure is now even skinnier than her. And she said that the blonde mum seems to be advocating these tablets as the louis vuitton keychain amazon perfect quick fix for Irish women who are a size 12 or over. "The thing that bugs me about louis vuitton purses eluxury her comments is that she seems to be saying that people who are a size 12 are big and she would recommend these tablets for anyone at that weight. That completely contradicts what she slagged me off for last year when she had a go at me for making some off the cuff comments about my dress size at the time. It just smacks of hypocrisy," she said. "I didn't want to bring this all up again but I can't let it go this time as she gave me a very hard time over what I said. "She seems to think that a size 12 is still big otherwise why would she have lost so much weight and shrunk down louis vuitton site officiel bracelet to an 8? I'm not even a size 8.

I'm a size 10 and perfectly happy to be at a healthy weight but obviously that wasn't skinny enough for Amanda or she wouldn't have kept taking these tablets." She continued: "The average dress size in Ireland is still a 14 16 so anything under that is on the smaller end of the scale, yet she seems to be saying that these tablets are great for women who are size 12.".

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