Alma BB

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Alma BB
Alma BB
Alma BB

* Hand carry or shoulder carry with removable shoulder strap
* Double zip opening for easy access
* Gold padlock
* One interior flat pocket
* Bottom studs to protect the bag

The Alma BB ...

Plenty of suggestions for Australian values addition to anthem I'm wondering which of louis vuitton shoes johannesburg our current values Andrew Laming thinks we should sing about ("MP calls for new national anthem verse to reflect values", April 26).

It might be hard to wax lyrical about our treatment of asylum seekers, the reduction in foreign aid or the growing divide between rich and poor, for example. We could sing the praises of patients forgoing good healthcare so as to fund tax cuts to big business and the massive increase in defence spending. The last line could be one of hope for a future, where all politicians are actually honourable and trustworthy; although that might be getting into the realm of flying pigs. Andrew Laming has suggested a new verse in our national anthem be penned, reflecting "Australians' larrikinism, resilience and sense of reward for effort". An unbeatable contender for such a stanza would be the words penned by the late sainted and deeply mourned satirist John Clarke in his masterwork: "We don't know how lucky we are"(Worth a view on YouTube). Although this was written to be sung by Fred Dagg, the New Zealand fictional character created by Clarke, I hope our Anzac siblings would be happy for it to be deployed on both sides of the ditch. Sid Williams Strathfield With perhaps the exception of the Internationale and the Marseilles I find national anthems dull, jingoistic and cliched. Given that the vast majority of Australians don't know the second verse of Advance Australia Fair, rather than add a third verse to reflect Australian values it would be far more representative if, like the Spanish, we adopted an anthem that has no words at all. John Bailey Canterbury I agree with Andrew louis vuitton briefcase amazon Laming. How can a line such as "For those who've come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share" possibly reflect contemporary Australian values? As to a sense of reward for effort, might I suggest including the phrase "wealth for toil"?Perhaps Mr Laming can spend his many long parliamentary recesses learning the words of the current anthem before he contemplates writing another. Philip Cooney Wentworth Falls Never mind a new verse, how about a new song? Just google Peter Dawson singing "Song of Australia" to know what our anthem should really be. Don Firth Wooli WestConnex plans for busy area reveal epic stupidity Wednesday morning I joined local residents at another protest against the WestConnex, this one at Euston Road Alexandria where an entrance louis vuitton bags with feet and exit road for the tollway is being constructed that will spew tens of thousands of vehicles into the narrow already congested streets of the inner city. One wonders not only at the epic stupidity of forcing louis vuitton alma authentic that many cars into an already over trafficked area, but how it is that public money can be used to build a major road less than two metres from bedrooms containing children? To add insult to injury the morning's removal of trees, way before the time the space will be needed for the road, appears to demonstrate the wilful contempt the publicly owned Sydney Motorway Corporation has for residents. Yes, there were tears. If this road is such a good idea, Premier [Gladys] Berejiklian must at the least order the resumption [by the government] of the residential buildings along Euston Road, and for the residents to be paid fair market value for their homes. A better alternative of course would be to simply stop this mess and build rail lines and take jobs to greater western Sydney. Now that would be building a better city. Colin Hesse Marrickville PM's sabre rattling bodes ill for nation Malcolm Turnbull chose Anzac Day, a day of remembrance of sacrifice, to flag to the US administration his willingness to "consider" requests for further military involvements by Australia ("PM warns of 'long term' deployment", April 26). This follows his recent proclamations regarding Syria and North Korea with similar intent.

The mindset is disturbing. The PM's sabre rattling is a well worn path of a desperate leader seeking the cloak of nationalism to boost his support. Nothing could be considered more worrying than a leader walking us into wars.

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