Multiple Wallet

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Multiple Wallet
Multiple Wallet


* Smooth Epi leather trim
* Shiny silver bras metallic pieces
* Textile lining
* 3 credit card slots
* 2 business card slots
* 2 bill compartments

Sophisticated Ep...

Lexus NX Review The Lexus NX is a radical looking SUV that's available with a petrol engine or as a petrol/electric hybrid.

Its appeal lies in the space age styling and the image of the Lexus brand, but the NX is also impeccably refined on the move, plus you get a lot of standard equipment for your money, which puts more expensive rivals to shame.However, there's no diesel engine, and although the hybrid versions have very low CO2 emissions for a car of this size (the most efficient model claims 116g/km, as well as 56.5mpg fuel consumption), they're more appropriate for lower mileage drivers, as motorway use will see economy take a hit. That said, such low CO2 will help this SUV appeal to company car drivers, as it cuts their annual Benefit in Kind tax liability.Lexus introduced the all new NX in 2014. It sits below the larger RX in the company's range, and goes up against premium SUVs such as the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and Range Rover Evoque.Featuring bold styling, an upmarket interior and the option of louis vuitton agenda pen a hi tech hybrid drivetrain, the NX certainly stands out from the crowd. The quality on show is impressive, with plush materials and soft touch surfaces throughout.However, unlike its rivals in this market, the NX is only available with petrol and petrol/electric hybrid drivetrains there is no diesel option whatsoever. This is the case elsewhere in the Lexus range, and it has its advantages and disadvantages.On paper, the hybrid model has very low emissions, plus it's whisper quiet around town and can even run on battery power alone for a couple of miles. However, if you cover higher mileages, a diesel engine would deliver better real world economy.Nevertheless, the entry level front wheel drive models emit 116g/km of CO2 and claim 56.5mpg. Even the four wheel drive versions promise CO2 emissions of only 121g/km. This means very low Benefit in Kind tax louis vuitton purses new ratings for business users, which make the NX a very attractive company car choice.Under its eye catching exterior, the NX hybrid uses the same combination of a 2.5 litre four cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor as the Lexus IS 300h saloon. Entry level S versions of the NX are front wheel drive only, while all other models are four wheel drive.If a hybrid isn't for you, Lexus also offers a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol NX, which is exclusively available in F Sport trim. It's faster than the hybrid, but it's not what you'd call a sports SUV and running costs are higher. The hybrids come with a CVT automatic transmission, while the 2.0 litre petrol gets a conventional six speed automatic gearbox.Equipment is very generous, even on the basic S and SE models. All cars feature a DAB radio, rain sensing wipers and LED daytime running lights as standard. Luxury, F Sport and Premier trim levels make up the rest of the range, and add even more equipment.As with the styling, the NX's driving experience is an acquired taste. The hybrid version in particular comes into its own at low speeds because it's whisper quiet. That isn't entirely the drivetrain's doing, as the cabin is very well insulated, so there's little in the way of wind and road noise at higher speeds.In the NX 300h, the combination of the hybrid system and the CVT automatic gearbox provides a relaxing yet intensely frustrating ride. For instance, while the Lexus will glide around town in near silent electric mode if you drive steadily, the battery's range of around a mile looks poor compared to more modern plug in hybrid models.The transmission really lets this car down. If you need to accelerate in a hurry, the CVT auto is quite slow to react and makes the engine rev high, which is really noisy. The same thing happens when accelerating up a long motorway incline, louis vuitton agenda on ebay meaning you hear a drone from the engine, which counteracts the quiet nature of the rest of the car.The conventional NX 200t 2.0 litre petrol model has a six speed automatic gearbox, which is an improvement on the hybrid's CVT. However, it still isn't as smooth or responsive as the eight speed gearbox in the BMW X3, for example. That means the petrol version doesn't feel as fast as the 0 62mph time of 7.1 seconds suggests.The rest of the NX driving experience is something of a mixed bag. While the louis vuitton neverfull amazon ride is comfortable on the motorway, the suspension feels firm around town and the light controls deliver very little feedback. The NX also lacks the composure and grip of rivals such as the BMW X3 and Range Rover Evoque.With the exception of the entry level NX 300h S model, all versions have four wheel drive. Despite this, off road ability is limited. Unlike rival systems, the NX's four wheel drive can't be engaged permanently and there are no driving aids like hill descent control to help tackle tricky surfaces. Its combination of 235bhp 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine and regular six speed automatic gearbox delivers strong acceleration and more relaxed cruising, particularly when overtaking or tackling steep motorway inclines.Unlike rival manufacturers, Lexus doesn't offer the NX with a diesel engine. Yet on paper, the hybrid models promise impressive fuel economy from an SUV of this size, with up to 56.5mpg from the front wheel drive NX 300h and 55.4mpg from the four wheel drive models.However, in the real world the Lexus struggles to match these ambitious claims, and the combination of the CVT gearbox and a thirsty 2.5 litre petrol engine means you're unlikely to achieve more than 40mpg. Only if the hybrid NX is driven in urban areas at relatively low speeds to make use of the battery can owners expect to deliver good results and better diesel rivals.On the plus side, low CO2 emissions of 116g/km for the two wheel drive model and 121g/km for the four wheel drive versions make the NX an extremely cost effective company car choice.Even private buyers stand to do well, as they'll pay only 30 a year in road tax to run the 116g/km model. Four wheel drive versions of the NX will cost 110 annually in VED, but that's still good going for an SUV of this size.The faster turbocharged petrol model promises 43.5mpg, although in the real world you'll do well to achieve 30mpg. The petrol only NX 200t sits in insurance group 38. The Lexus is about on par with the Volvo XC60 in this respect.

Its big problem here is its main rivals in the class: demand for the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 is much stronger, and these models tend to retain much more of their price as a result.The Lexus isn't likely styled to suit all tastes, but there's no denying that its daring design attracts attention it's very different to the majority of more sedate models in the class. It has a bold mix of sharp creases, curves and chunky SUV styling cues.

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