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Alma MM
Alma MM
Alma MM


* Refined microfibre lining
* Shiny silvery brass metallic picces
* Rounded handles for hand or clbow carry
* Interior phone and patch pockets
The classic Alma shape has been contrasted with Eip leather in ...

Play as a second language Officially, the downtown Kamloops library is still closed.

It's only 9:30 on a Wednesday morning half an hour before opening. But a few mothers and their children are allowed to slip past the louis vuitton neverfull black epi red restraint tape at the door and browse in the almost empty quiet. Then at 10 o'clock, as other library patrons start to arrive, the three women and their young head for a carpeted room in the far corner of the children's area. There, Nicole Cant and Shelly McKerchar make sure everyone is seated on their own square of carpet and the singing begins. "Come and join our circle, our circle, our circle. Come and join our circle, our circle right now." Mother Goose is in session. This isn't your regular Mother Goose program. This one is for immigrant women and their young kids. They get to come into the library early so they can get library cards and choose books, CDs and tapes without feeling like they're in someone's way. Then they get to learn some children's songs most of quanto costa l&agenda di louis vuitton them silly, some with nonsense words that they can practise with their kids at home. Little Briana Payne happily clapped and tried to follow other actions with the wide open arms of an 11 month old. Her mom, Noelia Payne from the Dominican Republic, said it's a chance to practise English, even if it is The Wheels On The Bus. "It's good. It's good for the baby and I can learn, too," she said with a Spanish accent. Diana Eggert from Germany had three children in tow at Mother Goose: Davin, 5, Janessa, 3, and Jaydon, eight months. Mom and kids sang and acted out the motions, especially to Five Green Speckled Frogs, a favourite. Shyly and with hesitant English, Eggert said the program was good and that they were all learning words and games. Erika Steiger, who also speaks German, had six year old Pascal with her. Like Eggert, she was a little cautious about speaking. But she did find she's picking up some English in the program. It's also good to meet other mothers to talk with and for the kids to find others they can play with, she said. McKerchar said the Mother Goose program was created 25 years ago. While the songs seem silly, doing the accompanying actions whether it's roly poly arms or slippery fish movements help the youngsters' muscles develop at the same time they're building language. "We've lost our oral tradition," she said. That's why the emphasis is on singing and storytelling. "What is also so beautiful about this is the sense of community. We all share a snack, people meet outside louis vuitton agenda paper Mother Goose for coffee, friendships form." Before Mother Goose, the women are all louis vuitton bags 2012 prices in the English as a Second Language class nearby at Kamloops Immigrant Services. Executive director Paul Lagace said the kids are watched while the parents learn.

Mother Goose organizers approached his agency a year ago about creating a program for immigrant parents and kids. The first session debuted less than two weeks ago. "Apparently they have a great time getting to know the library, the community support and there's interaction between the mothers and children," he said.

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